A Chair for the Mobile Online Student

What adjectives come to mind when you think of an online student? For me, they are: mobile, adaptable, versatile, logical, innovative, modern, and ecofriendly (physical books and paper are rarely used in online programs).

Every one of these adjectives also applies to, of all things, a new chair designed by a student at an architecture and design school in Slovenia.

Called the LLSTOL, the chair is incredibly simple in its design, yet extremely innovative. Consisting of two pieces of identical L-shaped plywood made from sustainable beech trees, a slot and a channel carved into each piece allows them to be interlocked to create a chair, a cube that can be used as a coffee table, a bookshelf when several cubes are stacked together, a bench when several are placed side by side in chair form, or even an armrest or lounge chair of sorts for sprawling out on the grass in your favorite park.

Online students often find themselves going mobile to study in public spaces, outdoor parks, or somewhere that doesn’t offer chairs – and they need a place to sit. Until now, the options for portable chairs have pretty much been limited to bulky (and not so attractive) beach or camping chairs. But now, the LLSTOL can be easily transported to and set up in these places – in style.

The versatile chair is also great for small houses or apartments, because it can be taken apart, folded up, and stored away when not in use. This is also helpful for online students who are working their way up the career ladder and may not be living in the most spacious of dwellings. And a look through the photos of the LLSTOL in use on its website shows the fun and communal spirit that’s seemingly created by several chairs when used together in various formations by multiple people – like study groups. Online students who organize study groups with other local students in their area could certainly wow their fellow classmates with this item, which is as much a conversation piece as it is an incredibly functional piece of furniture.

Currently priced at 166 euros, it’s a bit pricey, so it certainly is a splurge, but perhaps it would make a good birthday present for a deserving online student.

The LLSTOL is logical, connects people, and can be used indoors or out. Beyond that, it’s downright inspiring to see a creative and functional invention such as this, especially one that came from a student.

Written By: Lorelei Meetze
Lorelei is a regular contributor to the Ashford University blog.

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