Ashford University Students Show School Pride on Social Media

By Ashford University Staff

ashford university students on their mobile devices

We see examples of school pride everywhere we turn. From license plates to coffee mugs
—even your co-worker’s tie—you’ll find mascots and flags proudly displayed for the world to see.

Ashford University students are no different, and having formed their primary bonds with students and support staff online, they are not shy about posting their pride across the Internet. On any given day, you’ll find an Ashford student sharing an update on their progress or connecting with a classmate for a virtual high five. 

Here are four of the most common themes you’ll see when Ashford University students post online.

1. The Journey Begins

Receiving your college acceptance letter is one of the most important moments in your life. It brings a realization that there is something greater out there for you, and the next step of your life is about to begin.

“I do it for them! Just took another step toward a better life for my babies,” exclaims new student Nandy Ladii Stampp on Facebook, after she was accepted into Ashford’s Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship program. 

The decisions we make define the journey, not the destination.

Earning a degree to create a better life for one’s children is a frequent motivator for Ashford students, as proven by Twitter user @MakhiNKeenanmom:

“Hi I am Jessica and I am so glad I picked this school to attend. I haven’t been this eager to learn in a while but knowing I have two young men looking up to me, I feel great about this new journey.”

Twitter user @Whittjazz shared a quote to celebrate her return to school: “The decisions we make define the journey, not the destination.”

2. Words of Encouragement

Ashford University students are celebrated for their eternal positivity and willingness to become part of an ongoing support system. Online, you’ll find no shortage of students offering words of encouragement to their classmates, incoming learners, and successful alumni. 

Take Brittany, a.k.a. @QueenBrie88, who is quick to react to a fellow student’s post about Ashford with: “You’ll have a wonderful experience. I did and I don’t regret it! Good luck, Champ!”

Adds alumni @limamike17 on Instagram: “There is no time limit. Just get that education!”

Students who have had their success stories featured on Ashford’s website are also quick to spread the word so others can learn more about their experiences, as in the case with singer and Public Relations student Oleathia Robinson.

The write up also mentions my mom who also graduated from [Ashford] with honors,” Robinson writes. “Proud moment, I can't wait for my boys to read it.”

3. Focused on the Future

Online learning requires focus and commitment. With so much being thrown at you in life—work, family, school—you’ve got to prioritize and never compromise when there are only a few small windows to get your work done every day. Ashford University students are models for commitment and time management, with an eye toward the ultimate goal. 

“The graduation light is at the end of the tunnel! Only 10 classes to go!” Tweets Traci Weston.

Stephanie Jeras uses her Twitter timeline to document her Ashford experience, posting photos of her online classroom, webinars, and other schoolwork with the hashtag #studyflow. Even when she admits to falling a bit behind, she doesn’t quit, and hits the books throughout the day and night. 

Meanwhile, James Acker, a student working on his bachelor’s degree, is among those featured on Ashford University’s Twitter account

In his story, he looks ahead, saying, “I am so thankful for Ashford making my dreams possible! With my degree, I plan on using it to give back to society what was given to me: compassion & a second chance.”

4. Putting New Knowledge to Work

Because so many Ashford University students are adult learners, they are gaining a competitive advantage by acquiring knowledge on a daily basis. Everything students learn can be applied immediately to their careers, and they aren’t shy about letting the world know on social media. 

“The class I’m taking right now at @AshfordU is eerily running parallel to [my] work life,” writes user @TiggtheTechie, a Delaware-based T-Mobile employee. 

Her sentiments were shared by Master of Business Administration student and Twitter user @uncarriervictor, who writes, “I just received my course materials for my final course at @AshfordU starting in March and the text is magenta! Coincidence? I like to think that it’s not!” 

Magenta and the popular #TeamMagenta hashtag are commonly associated with T-Mobile, which partners with Ashford to offer qualifying students the Full Tuition Grant, covering all tuition, materials, and fees.

Some of the most interesting insight into how a degree can directly impact your day-to-day job comes from Heather Petty, a Master of Arts in Education alum and full-time teacher. 

“As I worked my way through my degree with Ashford, I found many opportunities to utilize what I was learning in my own classroom,” Petty says in a story featured on Ashford’s website. “It greatly helped my students become better readers because I had a better understanding of how the reading process works, and how to better assess and differentiate for those who were struggling.”

Despite being separated by cities, states, and even countries, Ashford University students are all part of the same community. They take pride in overcoming similar challenges and achieving similar life goals.

There’s one more thing they have in common. They occasionally need a rest. “Taking a schoolwork break… #annotatedbibliography #10sources #ashforduniversity,” writes Instagram user @journalist.activist.critic.

Whether you’re just beginning your journey with Ashford University or you’re a seasoned alum, show your AU pride online with #MyAshfordU.



Written by Ashford University staff


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