Benefits of a Teaching and Learning with Technology Degree

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The explosion of online learning in the last decade has not only provided opportunities to students who had delayed or given up on school, it has also fueled interest in education technology and the tools that are transforming physical and virtual classrooms. Programs such as Ashford University’s Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology* are attracting learners who want to experiment with these emerging technologies and break new ground in their careers.

“The goal is to develop skills that can be immediately applied in the 21st century workplace,” said Program Chair Dr. Michelle Warn. “Students will create their own lessons and learning materials that would be used in real world settings.”

Those real world settings, Warn added, go beyond the traditional classroom. Students who choose the program’s Core Specialization will learn to develop education and training for everything from corporations to military organizations, she said.

The second specialization, Online Educator, will help prepare students for becoming an online instructor or course developer.

“During the program, [students] will create their own online course and peer review the courses created by their classmates,” Warn said.

There is a growing demand for graduates with education technology backgrounds, according to Reyna Sund, Ashford’s Director of Career and Alumni Services. She attributes the trend to:

1) A global economy in which teams no longer have to train and work in the same space.
2) The growing need for virtual flexibility when it comes to getting an education.
3) An emerging generation that’s accustomed to a high-tech learning environment.
4) Traditional campuses adding online components to their degrees.

“The program really opens up a lot of opportunities,” Sund said, citing consulting, corporate training, and postsecondary teaching as some examples of career paths for graduates.


Written by Jason R. Latham, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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*This program is not CAEP, TEAC or NCATE accredited, which is a requirement for certification in some states, and successful completion of the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology program by itself does not lead to certification or licensure in any state.

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