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The headlines are everywhere, from mainstream media to blogs: Online education is the future of learning.

At Ashford University, the future is now. From working parents to active duty military, tens of thousands of students each year discover how an online program can make their dreams of a college degree achievable and affordable.

Enrollment at online colleges has been on an upward trajectory since its inception. According to the Sloan Survey of Online Learning, almost a third of today’s students take some classes online. Big business has gotten the message--more than 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on online training for employees.

Advantages to learning online

As enrollments have climbed so, too, has student performance. A U.S. Department of Education study that examined more than a decade of research found that online students perform better on average than those at brick-and-mortar institutions.

Students report that they find instructors more approachable online, and that online class discussions are more on-point. An in-depth, thoughtful dialogue is possible online when students have the chance to gather their thoughts and present them rather than speaking extemporaneously after raising a hand.

Online college is flexible, affordable

Online colleges like Ashford offer students more scheduling flexibility and access than traditional students enjoy. Students can log in to classes when they have time to give the material their full attention rather than rush to campus when a schedule says it’s time for the class to meet.

Systems such as the University’s Constellation® Platform and Ashford Mobile bring classes to students rather than forcing students to shoehorn school into their hectic lives.

Online education also carries financial benefits. Ashford recently was honored as among the nation’s leaders in affordable tuition. A year’s tuition at Ashford is less than half the cost of many private, four-year colleges.

Affordable tuition. Always-on access. In-depth learning. For those reasons and more, thousands of Ashford graduates can attest to the difference being able to earn a degree made in their lives.

"Each time I look at my diploma hanging on my wall, it reminds me of when I didn't have one and how thankful I am to have it now,” U.S. Army veteran and Ashford alum Matthew Bambrick said. “It has also provided me a great deal of confidence in myself due to the fact that whatever the economy brings, I have a reliable degree to fall back on.”

Written by Ashford University staff


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