Google Glass Goes to College

Google Glass

You may have heard the debate: Will Google Glass aid the learning process or distract students? While I completely understand both sides’ reasoning in this argument, when looking at it from a higher learning level, I can only imagine that this technology would be a great benefit to college students. Several university professors won the opportunity to test just this theory. Check out how they plan to use Google Glass below.

Social Media Education

Dr. William J. Ward, a professor at Syracuse University, is offering two courses that explore the potential of Google Glass. Social Media for Communicators and Social Media Theory and Practice will both focus on Google Glass, exploring its potential through use. Students will present app ideas and continue to evolve their hypotheses around the future of new technology and education.

Advanced Computer Science

Director of Technology at Morningside College, Marcie Cambigue is giving her students the ability to pick apart all the features of this game-changing technology to find new apps and uses for it for people outside of the university. This class will also help prepare students enter a new workforce that is very technology-savvy.

Impacting Journalism

At Michigan State, Google Glass is being given to journalism students by assistant professor Jennifer Ware. In her Spartan Online Newsroom course, students are asked to use the device to gather information, track resources, and give feedback on how it could impact future journalism efforts. Some students believe that Google Glass will help journalism keep pace with the constantly evolving social media field, and give them an edge over other journalists not familiar with the opportunities it provides. They also believe it could help make stories more personal and realistic.

Film Creation

Through an effort by Google, their glasses are being loaned to five film schools to encourage its use in the filmmaking process. At American Film Institute, California Institute of the Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, UCLA, and USC, students are asked to use them in anything from documentaries to POV storytelling. However, that is just the beginning. The students, and schools, were told to find new uses for Google Glass and create a whole new perspective for the film industry for years to come.

The Little Things

Maybe a Google Glass course or college degree is too big for now. A user could also focus on the little things this wearable computer can do. In fact, Open College offers a look into 30 possible uses for Google Glass through an interesting infographic.

In the end, if you have responsible students in higher education, Google Glass provides a new opportunity to shift education for the better, providing unique chances to improve little and big things for teachers and students. Google Glass is expected to launch in 2014. Would you use it in class?

Written by: Travis Taggart
Travis is a regular contributor to the Ashford University blog.

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