How an Online MBA Is a Ticket to a New Career

Online MBA

Why do people pursue higher education – especially graduate degrees – in the first place? Many of the students polled in a Facebook survey conducted by Ashford cited the ability to gain valuable skills that can help them get ahead in their career as a major reason for going back to school.

Just because you may be out in the working world already doesn't make this benefit any less applicable. If you find yourself stuck in your career, however, making a rewarding change isn't always as easy as just applying for new jobs.

For starters, you might be looking to enter a field that isn't related to your undergraduate major or current job and instead calls for new knowledge and skills. Or, you might want to polish and add to your existing skillset in order to be more attractive to employers. Perhaps you're aiming for jobs that require a graduate degree like an MBA for you to even be considered.

As opposed to an undergraduate degree aimed at gaining exposure to a variety of disciplines in order to improve your well-roundedness as both a student and an individual, a master's degree in business administration is designed to target and teach the capabilities you need to develop and succeed professionally within the business world.

Consequently, employers are able to use an online MBA as evidence of more than passing interest or youthful spontaneity. An MBA proves you have both the business skills necessary to succeed and the commitment to improving yourself to bring more value to your employer.

By earning an MBA, students gain the skills to potentially lead an organization by applying management-level techniques in areas like operations, finance, marketing, accounting, strategy, and more. The new career that you're targeting may even align with specialty areas of focus available in an online business program, such as supply chain management, business economics, human resources management, and many others.

Beyond specific skills and knowledge that can be acquired while pursuing an online MBA, the fact that a person has worked toward and successfully achieved their Master of Business Administration demonstrates a high level of ambition, determination, and ability that alone can cast a job candidate in a more favorable light.

If you are considering an advanced business degree to support a career change, it's key to define your goals and make sure your strategy aligns with them. Do you want to focus on jobs within a certain industry or jobs that have a certain function? Picking one of those approaches and focusing your education toward it ultimately can make it easier to switch careers.

As you're searching for your new job, be sure to use all the tools available to you. Take advantage of networking and internship opportunities that add to the powerful combination of experience and education that an MBA provides. Earning your online MBA can play a pivotal role in shaping how you present yourself to potential employers and, in turn, how they view you as a candidate.

Written by Ashford University staff

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