How to Choose the Right MBA Program

Choose the right MBA

Many adults returning to college to earn MBAs are surprised to find themselves in business school at all. Sometimes they’re entrepreneurs with fantastic concepts who realize that they need solid skills in marketing, project management, and finance to see their visions soar. Business school is also an option for many young professionals who have quickly climbed the corporate ladder only to hit a roadblock because of a perceived lack of experience.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, pursuing an MBA can be a goal for seasoned managers who have been on the job long enough to realize they need to broaden their views and thinking to continue to grow their careers.

In these situations and more, an MBA can be a great tool in your path to advancement and fulfillment.

What do you learn in an MBA program?

The salary bump that often comes with an MBA is attractive to many students. It’s that increase that can make a graduate degree a smart financial move. According to data from the Graduate Management Admissions Council, the average MBA holder will recoup the investment in the degree within four years.

On top of any financial rewards, an MBA creates an opportunity to be at the forefront of emerging and highly marketable fields such as information systems and media management.

At Ashford University, the entire Master’s of Business Administration curriculum is designed to ensure that graduates internalize essential theories and skills.

MBA specialization leads to great opportunities

Ashford offers 13 specializations designed to ensure that graduates are armed with enhanced skills that prepare them to handle greater challenges. Environmental Management is a growing field that serves the increasing number of companies that are creating entire departments focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. From Organizational Leadership to Supply Chain Management, MBA opportunities abound to find your niche and make a powerful impression with potential employers.

The answer to the question, “What MBA specialization is right for me?” varies from student to student.

Working adults often pursue MBAs to fill knowledge gaps in their undergraduate education. Sometimes this is due to a career shift that requires new skills. In other cases, the process of moving up the ladder has made it obvious that undergraduate intellectual pursuits need to be supplemented with targeted business learning, such as in finance or project management.

Economic mobility is an essential trait in today’s work climate, yet it can be challenging for mid-career adults to quit jobs or move to different cities to pursue degrees. That’s why online MBA programs such as the one at Ashford are a great solution for many. An online program lets professionals of all ages pursue an MBA on a flexible, convenient schedule that accommodates the balance between life, work, and education.

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Written by Ashford University staff.

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