New Tablet Combines Education and Technology

The Amplify Tablet, a tablet from News Corporation, is entering the education and technology frontier. This 10-inch Android™ tablet competes with the iPad® and Aakash, and is targeted to students and their instructors (mostly in K-12 education).

The school-based focus becomes obvious as you explore what it offers. The Amplify Tablet comes with its own pre-installed software as well as third-party education and technology tools (Khan Academy, Gooru, Everfi, and others) to make education its first priority. It also includes school-based games and the ability to upload unique instructor or school-based curriculum. Additionally, the instructor has more control over how the student uses it. They can send quizzes out during class, provide an online “eyes on teacher” warning, and give feedback when the student isn’t in class.

It sounds nice, but isn’t as cheap as some would like. The basic model with Wi-Fi, curriculum, training, and support costs $299 with a required two-year subscription fee of $99 per year. A model with 4G connectivity, to be used outside of school, costs $349 with a mandatory two-year subscription at $179 per year.

Is it worth the cost? Only results will tell, but it appears to be a good investment. It is competitive with the iPad for price, and offers an education and technology based focus. If schools and instructors can integrate it and make it a valuable tool to assist the learning process, it could provide great results for improving understanding and application of lessons. See a preview below.

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Written by: Travis Taggart
Travis is a regular contributor to the Ashford University blog.

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