The Compelling Case to Go Back to College

Too often our goals come with conditions attached, as if we can never get to “this” unless “that” happens. When everything depends on something else, it makes it so much harder to get what we want.

“Life happens, and it’s never going to be a ‘good time.’ Things are never going to be in order,” graduate Shanae Macreeves said shortly after crossing the stage and accepting her Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice at Ashford University’s 2015 Fall Commencement ceremony.

Macreeves was able to shrug off those stipulations that so many place on their educational goals and finish her degree online. Her argument that there’s never a “good time” is a compelling case for those who want to go back to college.

Here are some more reasons to seize the moment instead of waiting for all the other pieces to fall into place:

Degrees Are In Demand

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 11 of the 15 fastest growing occupations will require some form of education beyond a high school diploma. Many of those positions are in the health care industry, which is expected to add the most jobs by 2024. An analysis by the Lumina Foundation also found that the number of degree-holding graduates is not keeping up with the demands of the employers.

A Richer Learning Experience Awaits

Adult learners enjoy several advantages over college students who are fresh out of high school, namely the ability to apply their work and life experience to their studies. This additional perspective creates a richer learning experience that benefits everyone in the online classroom, and high-achieving learners can create opportunities to become mentors for newer students.

A Greater Sense of Purpose and Focus

An enhanced perspective isn’t the only thing adult learners bring to the online classroom. They also bring an enhanced maturity and focus – they know why they’re here. When you make the decision to return to school, you have a purpose, and you’re committed to reaching your goal.

Your Boss Might Pay for It

Some of the country’s biggest employers – Bank of America, Best Buy, Verizon – offer tuition reimbursement benefits to employees. It’s an opportunity to save on your education, and while you may not want to be at your same job in four or five years, you’ll want to take what you learned to your next company.

Talk to your boss or someone in Human Resources about employer assistance and your college options. It never hurts to ask, and your employer might be impressed by your willingness to grow and learn something new.

Confidence and Job Satisfaction

One last thing to consider is how a degree can enhance your confidence and satisfaction with your career. Imagine being the person who has all of the answers; the person others can depend on. Why wait for a “good time” to become that person?

Watch the video above, and decide if there’s a case for you to go back to school.

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