Tour a Campus or Earn a College Degree from Home

Earn a Degree from Home

For prospective students, touring a campus is a big deal when planning for college. They get to see what it’s like, talk to students, and meet other potential freshmen. It’s impressive, but can cost a lot of money and time for parents. may have solved that issue. It connects a potential student with current students, settings, tuition rates, and degrees of various universities, all online. But what if it’s an adult learner who is continuing their education? Or it’s someone with a full-time job that needs distance learning? Or what if the school where you want to earn a college degree operates solely as an online university?

Some schools, like Ashford University, have answered the questions above by providing online college degree programs for every type of student. Through their mobile application and a robust student portal, students can access any course, discussion, library, staff member, or guidance they need online. This makes the world your campus. Plus, they work with your schedule, allowing you to take online classes regardless if you have kids, deadlines, or distances standing in your way.

What about meeting other students? Ashford University has over 65,000 Facebook likes, 20,000 Twitter followers, and over 4,000 LinkedIn group members. Plus, if enrolled, the Ashford Café allows you to talk to any student you share the class with, and you are eligible to participate in nation-wide job-hunting, networking, and alumni events. At any of these, you can simply reach out and find great responses from fellow online students.

So, what if I really do want a campus experience? Unlike other online universities, Ashford has a traditional campus in Clinton, IA. Even if you don’t attend classes on-campus, there are Spring and Fall commencement ceremonies that any online graduate can attend. The staff and students are welcoming, and the sports teams love to have extra fans in the crowd cheering them on.

In the end, campus tours are nice (when you’re 17). But if you’re looking to continue your higher education as an adult learner, online programs may offer the flexible college degree program you are searching for.

Written by: Travis Taggart
Travis is a regular contributor to the Ashford University blog.

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