Truck Mania Brings Mobile Education to You

Truck Mania

We’ve all heard of food trucks – they’re pretty much inescapable these days. We may have even come across fashion trucks, or mini-boutiques on wheels, another trend that is taking off as of late. But a science truck?

This is exactly what young scientist Tyler Alterman is proposing with The Think Tank: “A literal and metaphorical vehicle geared toward engaging the public with behavioral and brain science.” He envisions a bright green bus with a glowing pink brain on top that will deliver mobile education all over town. Inside this eye-catching vehicle, mobile researchers will conduct experiments onboard for elementary school children and also lead sidewalk talks for the general public.

From the looks of his fundraising page, Alterman was very busy raising money online to fund this mobile education project, and it appears that he achieved his goal and then some. So we can expect to see The Think Tank hitting the streets in fall 2013.

Alterman’s idea is a good example of the unique new approaches that are needed today to keep education exciting and accessible. Like online education, a learning center on wheels is a nontraditional way of bringing mobile education to everyone and making it downright thrilling. Why should learning be constrained to traditional classrooms, with books and chalkboards, when we have the ability to go way beyond all that and have a lot more fun while doing it? Whether it’s interacting with a science truck or using a tablet device to take a virtual course, it’s certain that education today does not have to be boring.

Additionally, online fundraising sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter are making it possible for absolutely anyone’s idea to come to fruition by giving them a platform to explain their undertaking along with the opportunity for others to donate to meet the proposed goal. With educational funding being cut more and more, it’s exciting to think of the potential to take matters into our own hands and innovate new solutions for teachers and students alike.

What other kinds of educational endeavors do you think could be funded?

Written By: Lorelei Plotczyk
Lorelei is a regular contributor to the Ashford University blog.

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