Watch: The Importance of Lifelong Learning

life long learning

We prompted a few guests at the 2014 Forbes Women’s Summit (sponsored by Ashford University) to speak about the importance of lifelong learning. What is lifelong learning? It’s growth that’s neither dictated by a teacher nor confined to childhood. At any age, you can explore, experiment, and make discoveries. When you are proactive about your own education, you are a lifelong learner.

Summit participants included Shiza Shahid from the Malala Fund. Watch what they had to say about what lifelong learning is to them:


Learning doesn’t end when you leave high school. You could research new information through online courses every week. Or take a cooking class. Or go back to school and earn a degree in business or psychology. Anything you can do to keep your mind engaged will be worth the effort.

As Shiza Shahid says, “Knowing allows us to act, allows us to repair, allows us to move forward and evolve.”

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Written by Michael Mussman
Michael is the Editor of Forward Thinking, the Ashford University blog.

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