What do You Want to Learn?

What do you want to learn

Not everyone is built to learn in the traditional structure of schools. In fact, I believe large quantities of students need to branch away from classroom learning to maximize their potential. However, there are not many traditional education options that meet their needs. There are even fewer “non-traditional” schools, and they typically appear in larger cities. Online colleges help those balancing work and family as an adult.

This got me thinking. Changing a school or creating new schools is a slow process. It takes time, money, and a lot of effort. But changing a student is different, right? It’s a single individual with personal tastes, needs, and desires. Could it be as simple as a book? Cooking instructions? Surfing lessons? One item that inspires them could create a massive change. Could it be the idea of doing what you love and letting money and success follow? Look at me for example.

I wanted to learn how to brew my own beer. Ten minutes on the Internet led me to the Brooklyn Brew Shop, a great place to get started. And to go with my beer, I wanted to make a unique snack. The Brooklyn DIY Supply (not related to the brew shop) offered me a smart way to pickle my own foods. After a few attempts and time for brewing/pickling, I learned that I love the end result as well as the process of getting there. Now, I don’t plan to become a brewer or cook as a job (yet), but I did have a massive realization about the value of “do it yourself” education. I wanted to know what else you could DIY and kept looking for more opportunities to learn.

Next, I found the Do Book Company who leads with a line that says, “Books that make it easier to Do stuff.” It’s so simple, but so smart. Their current books cover growing vegetables, changing the status quo, improvising, telling stories, and even birth. Could these lead to jobs in agriculture, business, writing, and health? Probably not, but you never how they might inspire their reader.

And isn’t that the point of finding out what you want to learn? There are countless resources out there, often very affordable or free, where you can get a taste of almost any topic. Then, if you like, you can find more and more resources related to it. And, if you decide it should be more than a hobby, and become a profession, more traditional schools will still be there to help you get there if want. So what do you want to learn?

Written by: Travis Taggart
Travis is a regular contributor to the Ashford University blog.

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