4 Smart Ways to Relocate


One of the best things about taking courses online to earn a degree is that you don’t have to relocate to go to school. However, most people find they have to change homes every once in a while. The US Census Bureau says that nearly 36 million Americans changed homes in 2013, and the average American moves once every five years.

Packing boxes, loading a truck, and driving your possessions across the country or even across town can be incredibly hard work. Here are four tips to make your move easier.

Donate As Much As Possible

You’d be surprised how much stuff you can free yourself from by donating old clothes, furniture, and electronics to your nearest charity or thrift store. If you want to make sure your donations go to good use, check out this helpful list, which shows the causes you can support, and which items they need most. Also, most nonprofit organizations should give you a receipt for the value of the goods you donate. Hang on to this receipt for next year’s tax returns. Of course, you could make some money by selling your stuff on Craigslist or eBay, but that takes more time and is less certain.

Protect Your Most Expensive Items

You need your computer for your homework assignments. Unfortunately, high-tech machines are fragile and need special care if they’re going to survive relocation. It’s risky to trust your desktop computer to a moving company. Instead, consider dedicating one trip specifically for your computer, printer, and any other expensive devices. Read this excellent guide for more tips on what to do with your computer.

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Keep an Overnight Box Separate

There’s nothing worse than moving in to a new home, only to realize you can’t find your toothbrush the next day. To save yourself from making extra trips to the grocery store, keep your essential items – prescriptions, toiletries, hair products, etc. – in a special box. And keep it separate from all the other boxes! You might also consider packing a small suitcase with a few changes of clothes for your first day in your new home, just to hold you over until you’re fully unpacked.

Label Boxes, but Don’t Obsess

You’ll want to use a sharpie or permanent marker to write on each cardboard box, so that when you arrive at the new place, you’ll know what goes where. Consider writing down just the two or three most important items in each box. True, there are some apps you could download to keep a complete inventory. But if you resist the urge to catalogue every single item in detail, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Moving to a new home can be a headache. While there are many different ways to do it, you may find that a simple, low-tech process is best. The most important thing is to remove your valuables in a safe and clean manner. That way you can focus on setting up your space and enjoying your new home.

Moving can become a complicated, time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Maybe that's why more and more students are considering online universities as a way to earn a degree and to simplify their lives.

Written by Michael Mussman
Michael is Editor of Forward Thinking, the Ashford University blog.

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