5 Ways You Can Travel the World While Studying Full Time

5 Ways You Can Travel the World While Studying Full Time

Travel can broaden the mind. It can even change your brain. For many students, it's an essential element of a well-rounded education. There are many ways to mix travel with schooling. Some students study abroad, some participate in student exchange programs, and others take gap years, pausing their educations to roam the globe.

With the rise of online learning and enormous advances in communications technology, online universities provide some of the most effective means of getting an education on tour.

Take Ashford alum Ghassan Nono. He traveled the world, pursuing his dream on a tight budget while also taking classes at Ashford University. He did it without wealthy parents or a lot of disposable cash - just determination, some improvisational skills, and a thirst for new experience.

How to Travel as an Online Student

Here are a five ideas that can help you save money on travel as a student, so you'll have some left over for flights, festivities, and fun.

1. Volunteer abroad

If your lifestyle permits, The Peace Corps is a popular option, although it's hardly the only one. Many websites aggregate global volunteer opportunities. Be sure to research carefully, however. Some programs are expensive and many are short-term, which may not offer the level of immersive cultural experiences you crave. Fortunately, there are many free and affordable volunteering options available, if you're willing to look for them.

Some innovative options, such as WWOOF, provide lodging and cultural immersion for those willing to work on organic farms, which can be a life-changing adventure in itself. Volunteer experiences such as these, combined with a degree from Ashford University, will set you apart from your peers when you apply for your dream job.

2. Teach English

Teaching English abroad is a generous and rewarding way to share your knowledge and culture with those in other parts of the world. Teaching positions are available for students with bachelor's degrees, TEFL certifications, and open minds. If you're earning your master’s degree and want to travel while doing so, this can be a great option - it may even advance your own progress. You can invoke the Protege Effect, whereby you increase your own understanding and mastery of a subject by teaching it to others.

3. Get a traveler-friendly part-time job

As a wandering student, you’ll find many part-time jobs available that will help you balance your education and travel goals. If you're a long-term traveler, consider working as an au pair; if you're good with kids and can handle some housework, you can take care of your room, food, and board while collecting a modest paycheck. If you love the business of tourism, you can work as a customer service agent and lead English-speaking tours or taking tickets at seasonal attractions. You'll be able to gain work experience, subsidize your adventures, and schedule your studies around your shifts.

5 Ways You Can Travel the World While Studying Full Time

4. Work stay

Sites such as WorkAway.info offer a new model for traveling students, with a mix of volunteering, couch-surfing, and part-time employment. This way, you can get more long-term and stable accommodations, along with a host who can provide tips and guidance and help you negotiate language barriers and other cultural challenges. A robust search can help you find a host who can help you with your particular needs and interests. For example, if you're studying international business, you can search for "entrepreneur,” “executive,” or “business consultant,” and find a WorkAway host who can add unique value to your experience.

5. House or pet sit

New digital services connect pet owners with enthusiastic sitters who will look after their animal companions in their absence. Homeowners who plan to travel for long periods can feature their dwellings on sites such as trustedhousesitters.com, providing travelers with potential places to stay in exchange for feeding or walking a pet or maintaining a garden, or simply occupying the house for added security. While earning an online degree, you can move between house-sitting engagements and extend your travels, perhaps in more comfort and luxury than you could otherwise afford.

Traveling While Studying Full Time is Possible

With some planning, ambition, and self-discipline, you can travel, study full time, and experience your own version of Ghassan Nono’s odyssey. If you’ve got tenacity and a nose for strong internet connections, you can work toward an online degree from Ashford University whenever and wherever you want. Contact Ashford University today to explore new study options that enable a lifestyle you love.

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