Ashford Students Most Grateful for Health, Family, Opportunity

Grateful students

So much can change in a year. You could have started or finished school, begun a new job, or added a new member to your family. This Thanksgiving, Ashford University students will pause, not only to give thanks, but also to reflect on the progress they’ve made in the last 12 months. Even students who may have to work the holiday, or skip dessert for studying, should be proud of their accomplishments, and look forward to achieving even more in the coming year.

This month, Forward Thinking asked Ashford’s student body to share what they were most grateful for on the University’s Facebook page. Their honest, heartwarming responses will make you truly appreciate the meaning of the holiday.

A Healthy Outlook on Life

Ashley E.: “Survived an abusive relationship, and in the process lost everything I had ever worked hard for. Started over with nothing and after many hard times, tough decisions, faith, hope, healing, hard work, commitment, blessings, and perseverance I was able to rebuild slowly with my daughter and won sole custody with the next day finishing my Bachelor’s and minor here at Ashford. I am grateful for Ashford and the online learning opportunity, special people who were placed in my life at the right time, those who stood by me and behind me, God, and the hope for better!‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Vicki J.:‪ “I graduate in April of 2016. This has been such an amazing journey, and one I honestly didn't know I could make, until I was in it, and doing it. I have Crohn's disease, two teenagers, and full-time care for my stepmother. But, I also have the world's most amazing husband, the teenagers are my biggest supporters, and I have a deep and abiding faith, that buoys me up, when I feel I can't write one more 12 page paper, or find one more scholarly source for citation. I want to, and am going to, use my degree in Gerontology to help the elderly in my community. I am, and will forever be, grateful for the support and encouragement of the Ashford staff and instructors who never let me feel alone and never treated my questions as less than absolutely vital.”‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

A Supportive Family

Monica M.:‪ “I am grateful for my family, but especially my son who is proud of me in making the great decision [to return] to school. I am grateful for Ashford University because you have been with me in this great journey; I am so thankful that I made the call and [returned] to school.”‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Lara C.:‪ “I am grateful for many things. However, this year of 2015 has me reflecting on more than my own -- but on my children's own achievements. ‪1.) "G" my oldest son (18), has achieved a goal he decided on and set out to complete for himself; graduating from Army basic training in August; birth of his daughter (first child), and soon to graduate from his AIT training (All-Wheel-Mechanic). 2.) "A" my only daughter (12 1/2), has autism. She has fought many years to overcome personal battles within herself and in the world. She has been in a special needs school since she was in the 3rd grade. Now in 7th grade she is thriving, making high honor roll/honor roll. ‪3.) "C" my baby boy (11), has been a miracle from the time he was conceived. He too has autism and many, many other diagnoses. He continues to grow and works very hard to overcome anxiety and wars he battles on the inside. Seeing them fight every single day, overcoming challenges that for them are big or small, gives me many times of being grateful for all that I have.‬”‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

An Opportunity to Get Ahead ‪‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Maria R.: ‪“I am grateful that there was a way to complete my BA and my Master’s that fit into my life. I am grateful that I was able complete both my degrees with honors. I am grateful for the love and support from my family and friends as I completed both degrees. I am grateful for my sister who was my school buddy and was with me step by step as we both finished school. And I am grateful to our Ashford Student Advisor, Orin, and our Admissions Advisor, Lisa, who were there to support, encourage, and answer any questions we had as we completed the Master’s program.‬”‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Katrina P.:‪ “I'm most thankful for online education. Ashford's user-friendly programs allowed me to finish my BA degree in English Language Learner Studies and my Master's degree in Organizational Management with a specialization in Human Resources Management! As a disabled veteran I appreciate all of the resources that were available at the University! I'm proud to say that I'm a graduate of Ashford University!”‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

You can read the full list of student responses – more than 200 were submitted – on the Ashford University Facebook page.

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Written by Jason R. Latham, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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