Ashford University - 2019 Graduation: Commencement by the Numbers | Infographic

Ashford University - 2019 Graduation: Commencement by the Numbers | Infographic | [site:name]

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Congratulations to our newest class of Ashford University graduates! Your accomplishments will open up fresh opportunities with a renewed self-confidence that comes from keeping your academic commitments. By receiving your degree, you will join the ranks of alumni such as Tiffany Jacobs, who walked across the stage in 2016 to accept a diploma for her MBA. 

"I worked hard, and I earned it. Period," she said. “Thankfully, I had a great support system of family and friends who believed and encouraged me to keep going.”

You will now begin to put your education to good use.  Crucial insights and rigorous self-discipline will allow you to pursue exciting careers, gain rare hands-on experience, and share your knowledge and skills with your community.
“I am so glad that I have had this experience, and I cannot wait to celebrate my graduation!” said Cheli Vasquez, who recently completed her BA in Education studies

To celebrate the success of Vasquez and all 1,727 graduates who will participate in the spring 2019 commencement ceremony in San Diego, we’re sharing the stats of this year’s graduating class. 

From degrees and colleges to age and location, the infographic illustrates the variety of passions and people attending commencement, highlighting what makes these Ashford graduates unique. Take a look at the Spring 2019 graduation infographic and use the sharing buttons below to highlight your success (if you’re part of our graduating class) or share what you’re striving toward and when you hope to receive your degree.

Ashford University’s Online Degree Graduation Requirements

The road to a degree was different for each student. Some balanced busy lives, some worked at their own pace, while others transferred from another university. However, each graduate met the essential requirements for their respective degrees:

  • Online associate degrees require 67 credits and a minimum 2.00 GPA 
  • Online bachelor’s degrees require 120 credits and a minimum 2.00 GPA
  • Online master’s degrees vary in credit requirements per program
  • Online doctoral degrees vary in credit requirements per program

Learn more about Ashford University’s graduation requirements and find helpful checklists to keep you on track. Contact an Ashford University advisor today, and take your first step toward reaching your education goals.

If you are graduating this spring, share your excitement and cheer on your classmates on social media using #AUgrad19.


By Ashford University staff

ashford spring 2019 commencement by the numbers


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