Good Studying Habits That Can Help You Succeed Post-Graduation

Good Study Habits

Earning a degree and the knowledge you gain aren’t the only ways in which college prepares you for the workforce.

Many of the study skills you need to earn a degree are the same skills you’ll need as a professional. Here are five great examples.


Few things are more frustrating than wasted time searching for something, whether it’s lost keys or missing notes. It turns out that Mom was right when she knowingly smiled, “There’s a place for everything, and everything in its place.”

The busier you are, the more important organization is. That makes keeping everything in order crucial for college students.

Start with your electronic world. Set up folders on the cloud or on your computer for school work, household items, and family photos. Think of it as the cyber equivalent of a filing cabinet, because that’s exactly what it is.

Staying on Track

School schedules can get chaotic when you’re juggling multiple classes with several project deadlines, test dates, and everything in your personal life. If you’re also working while you’re in college, the pace is even more frenetic.

For these reasons, you must make friends with your calendar. It’s easy to do these days, when most of us carry a mini-computer in the palms of our hands. Get in the habit of keying in deadlines and dates as soon as they’re announced. It’s a workflow many businesses follow as well.

Creating a Routine

Routine can be boring at times, but it’s also a key to success. Many business leaders start their day the same way, every day. Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein even dressed the same every day.

That last point might be a little extreme, but the fact is routine makes life simpler. The more tasks we mentally automate, the more cerebral energy we’ll have later when we really need it.

Thanks to the always-on ease of online colleges, setting a routine is easier for today’s students. You can pick a time to study when you’re at your mental peak, whether that’s first thing in the morning or late at night.

Embracing the Mundane

There’s a cliché in theatrical circles that there are no small parts, only small actors. The same applies to class and job assignments.

There’s an inclination to procrastinate over boring stuff, but that usually leads to more problems. It sometimes helps to instead look at the mundane as getting your ticket punched. That boring introductory class paves the way to more stimulating upper-division courses. At work, handling the simple things well tells the bosses that they can trust you with more responsibility.

Dealing with Emergencies

Now that everything is perfectly organized and you have routine down to a science, be prepared to see it all blown away in a heartbeat. That’s life. Kids get sick the week a big paper is due, and computers crash just as you’re finishing the annual report.

Successful people learn to handle these setbacks. It’s called resilience, and it’s a big topic in the business world these days. It’s also about more than getting through the current crisis. Resilient people grow from adversity, gaining strength for having overcome challenges.

When the going gets tough in college, it sometimes helps if you view it as your job and take the same approach to class that you would take at an office. You’ll find the skills such as organization, tracking, and resilience are just as important as you work toward that diploma as they are after you enter the world of work.

Written by Ashford University staff


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