How to Create an MBA Study Group to Help You Succeed

MBA Study Group

A well-managed virtual study group comprised of dedicated students focused on academic success can be a powerful tool for helping you to succeed in school. Working as a group through virtual video meetings like Google Hangouts can cut down on procrastination, teach you new study skills and even help you learn faster. When setting up your own virtual study group, keep the following tips in mind.

Choose Likeminded Members

A study group is an arrangement meant to bolster every member, and that can only happen on a level playing field. Focus on academic goals and ability. Pick members of your study group who are at a similar level to avoid leaving anyone behind. It’s also important that all members have similar goals and study habits. Find likeminded students through university resources, such as Online Honor Societies.

Strive for Balance

An effective study group is comprised of members who each have their own unique strengths to bring to the table. When putting together a virtual study group, look for members with various strengths. For instance, one of you may excel at note taking and paraphrasing information while another member may do a good job at understanding and explaining the big picture.

Determine Expectations

Each person has his or her own agenda and goals for participating in the group. It’s not enough to say that group members just want to get good grades. When forming the group (and periodically thereafter), take a few minutes at the beginning of a video meeting to discuss each other’s expectations to ensure that those goals align and that they jibe with the coursework.

Meet Regularly

Effective study habits are based on a regular schedule. The overall effectiveness of the group and the academic success of its members hinge on meeting according to some sort of schedule. That way all of the members know that they can depend on quality study time at certain points during the week. This enables members to save any unsolved problems for the meetings. Make it clear to each member that regular participation in the study meetings is mandatory. Occasionally missing a meeting is acceptable, but a member’s constant absence is disruptive.

Assign Roles

While it’s not necessary or even advisable to designate a group leader, it is a good idea to assign various tasks to members. This delegation ensures that the group stays on task and that every member maximizes their potential for academic success. For instance, put one member in charge of scheduling meetings and have another member set the agenda for study group sessions. You may want to rotate those tasks so that everyone gets a turn leading the team. Belonging to a high-caliber virtual study group can offer an enjoyable way to learn course materials. Use these tips to form your own team and maximize your chances at academic success.

Written by Ashford University staff

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