How Would Students Design Their Own School?

A high school in Great Barrington, MA, is exploring this question with nine unique students. They are given complete freedom inside of a basic curriculum to follow mathematics, English, social sciences, and natural sciences. It seems radical that students who rarely have a say in school structure get a chance to contribute to it. With the new loose barriers, much of their time is spent without teachers, tests, or grades. Does it work? Watch the video to see what the school and students think.

[iframe src="" width="615" height="375"]


After seeing the video, could the same rules be applied to higher education? Would it make classes more like a Massive Open Online Course? At what point does an instructor become necessary? Or are they no longer necessary? There are a lot of questions that come from this first question – how would students design their own school? It’s a good question we think everyone in higher education should ask themselves.

Written by: Travis Taggart
Travis is a regular contributor to the Ashford University blog.

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