Maintain Your Motivation During the Summer

Motivated in summer

As a kid, there were few things worse than the idea of summer school. To be trapped in a classroom while all of your friends ran free in the summer sun felt like the cruelest kind of punishment. Summer school doesn’t carry quite the same stigma for adults, but it’s not uncommon for adult learners to lose a little motivation during the warm months. After all, there are so many fun summer activities to lure students away from their classwork. If you’re having trouble staying motivated this summer, try some of these tips.

Don’t Deny Yourself

Try not to think of your situation as an either/or proposition. You can study and enjoy some of your favorite summer activities. The key is moderation. Maybe you can’t spend the entire weekend floating in the pool, but you can probably find an hour to take a refreshing dip. Short breaks like that may actually help your studies in the long run since they will allow you to relax and refocus. Plan your day and schedule time for both school and summer fun.

Take School with You

One of the most student-friendly attributes of online schools like Ashford University is that you can study just about anywhere. Take advantage of this benefit and incorporate your studying into your summer activities. If you want to take your family on a vacation this summer, go ahead. Just be sure to pack your laptop and mobile device. Find simple ways to weave study time into your daily itinerary. Instead of reading a paperback at the beach, work on your class paper.

Engage Your Classmates

If your motivation is lagging, talk to someone who can relate. Your classmates may also be struggling with the summer blues and may have some suggestions to help you reignite your fire. At the very least, your fellow students will be able to lend a sympathetic ear. You can connect with Ashford classmates via class discussions or in the Ashford Café. You will also find a huge network of students and alumni on Ashford’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram pages.

Provide Incentives

The easiest way to power through any difficult task is to promise yourself a reward once it’s complete. It doesn’t have to be a big reward. It just has to be something that you know you will enjoy. Promise yourself an ice cream cone or your favorite warm weather treat once you complete your class assignment. This old trick is an effective way to maintain forward momentum.

Find Your Why

When all else fails, remind yourself why you are in school in the first place. There’s a reason why you decided to start pursuing your degree. Are you looking to advance your career? Do you want to provide more opportunities for yourself and your family? Are you a lifelong learner who’s trying to gain new knowledge? If your motivation is running on fumes, stop and think about your end goal. Imagine how you will feel when you have your diploma in your hand.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t worry too much about a case of the summer doldrums. It’s a natural phenomenon. Everyone experiences fluctuations in motivation while working toward a major accomplishment. Take a step back, refocus, and soon you’ll rediscover that inner fire to keep moving forward.

Written by Erik Siwak, Communications Manager for Bridgepoint Education

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