Music for the perfect study session

Music for studying

If you prefer to study with music playing, there’s no surefire genre or song that’s going to revolutionize your study session. It’s all about your individual preference; at least that’s what can be learned from a question posed to students on Ashford University’s Facebook page.

Science has shown that music you like can positively impact your brain and help you focus, so students were asked what they prefer while studying. Here are some of the highlights gathered from more than 200 responses:

Genres Vary

There’s no right or wrong answer here. Student responses ranged from hip-hop to country music, with several saying classical or smooth jazz was essential to their success. As music is meant to live in the background, it can be helpful to study without the distraction of someone’s voice.

One of the more interesting comments came from Teresa L., who responded: “Don’t laugh, lullabies, yup, that’s what I listen to.”

She explained, “[Lullabies] are quiet and unobtrusive background music that is soothing and helps concentration. Like I said, don’t laugh, a 4.0 doesn’t lie.”

Several respondents fell in line with Chance O., whose preferred study music was, “Heavy metal. And I mean heavy.” Chance explained that his favorite bands, which include Judas Priest, Wretched, and Black Dahlia, keep him motivated and also relaxed while he studies.

“In four years my lowest grade was an 89 percent, and I owe it all to distorted guitars, screaming, and hard work!” he added.

Silence is Golden

Music isn’t for everyone. Several respondents said they couldn’t get their work done with any background noise. For some, like, Enoe’ G., it wasn’t always that way.

“When I was young I could listen to music while studying, but not anymore,” she said.

Concentrating with Kids

Some students prefer not to have music in the background, but they have to deal with another kind of noise while studying.

"My screaming kids, does that count?” replied Amy P., adding, “Still have a 3.9 GPA. Must be doing something right.”

White noise

At least one respondent suggested white noise as an alternative to music. White noise is generally defined as something containing many frequencies with equal intensities. There are multiple websites you can sample to determine whether white noise gives you an advantage during long evening cram sessions, including:

Simply Noise

Rainy Café

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Written by Jason R. Latham, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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