Pinterest: a Guide for Adult Learners


With over 70 million users, the visual discovery site Pinterest continues to be the darling of the social media world. Users are captivated by a wealth of alluring photos and visuals that range from DIY projects, recipes, fitness motivation, and parenting tips to the best ways to redecorate a kitchen. Pinterest is limitless. And that’s what makes it a time saver for those with hectic schedules, like adult learners.

How Does Pinterest Work?

If you aren’t too familiar with the platform yet, there are many great introductory resources available. Start with Mashable’s Pinterest beginner’s guide.

Once you sign up, you can create boards where you post videos and photos called pins. Boards include any topic you want, and they house all of your pins. It’s best to divide the boards by topic and keep up with them regularly.

Another benefit of Pinterest is the ability to collaborate on boards with other users. So you can share clever ideas, inspiration, and valuable resources with your friends and family.

Why Should I Use It?

Earning your degree takes a lot of balancing, time management, and patience. While you’re focused on keeping balance, it’s hard to find new resources and fresh ideas when you’re feeling drained. Here’s where Pinterest comes in.

After setting up your account, use Pinterest regularly when you have 5-10 minutes of down time. Maybe that block of time is after dinner, right before bed, or while you’re having coffee in the morning. Create a variety of boards; 5-10 is a good range to start with. Keep boards for your personal interests and for school and career resources.

Here are suggested topics for school and career resources:

  • Inspiration - Keep a board full of quotes, compelling photos, or anything that keeps you feeling inspired. Check this board when you need a good motivational boost.
  • Organization - Cool ways to keep your desk from getting cluttered? Pin it. How to keep your computer running smoothly? Pin it. You get the idea.
  • Writing Resources - Being able to write and communicate effectively is essential when you’re a student. You can really never have too much writing advice. Use this board to save pins that are helpful for writing papers, researching, or if you just need a quick brush up on grammar. It will be helpful for other adult learners who see your board as well.
  • Technology - If you’re pursuing an online bachelor’s degree, you should keep up with the latest tech news and helpful tips. Pin tips, news updates, software tricks, and new apps to keep up with the latest and greatest.
  • Career Tips - Interview outfits, resume tips, job statistics - by creating a board full of career resources, you’ll feel even more ready to tackle the job hunt once you graduate.
  • Study Breaks - Last but not least, create a board full of things you’d like to do when you have some free time. Have study breaks and fun activities lined up.

Where Do I Find Items to Pin?

Within Pinterest, there’s already a vast amount of fantastic content. You can start there and pin away.

It is also good to bring in a pin from an outside source. You help yourself and others by finding new valuable resources. Let’s say you run across an article about ways to stop drinking coffee, and you liked the tips it provides. With the Pin It button you can pin it directly from the webpage as long as there is an image to pull in. The button is something you install, and adds a Pinterest logo in your internet browser. Once you’ve set it up, you just click on that button to pin something. Download the button directly from Pinterest here.

Pinterest is driven by visuals, so you can pin from any webpage that includes an image. Challenge yourself to pin from outside sources. You might surprise yourself on how resourceful you already are.

The Next Step

The more you pin, the more you’ll get out of it. It’s a great way to find tips and unique life hacks that you can use.

Stuck on a paragraph in a paper? Need to check a grammar point? Go to your Pinterest board and find the resources to help you. No need to waste as much time scouring the web. Find the tools that you already love and find useful.

Have fun with it and make the most of this awesome social tool.

Written by: Gillian Molina.
Gillian is a frequent contributor to Forward Thinking, the Ashford University blog.

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