Health and Technology

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The idea of using technology to help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle is nothing new. Unfortunately, neither are the challenges of finding ways to improve health while having fun and maintaining motivation. According to Brett Neas, pop-culture guru and host of the popular podcast ‘Pop n Soda’, “There are all sorts of options where tech companies and gaming platforms are encouraging users to get more physical and engage with a community that shares the values of health and friendly competition.”

Enter Pokémon Go. According to Neas, “The goal of this augmented reality game is to catch creatures called Pokémon that are hidden across the globe. By capturing these creatures, you build your collection, earn points, and battle other players with the hope of taking their Pokémon and growing your status as a trainer.” How does that relate to health? To be a player in this arena, users must physically navigate their real world, all the while keeping a close eye on the overlaying game map in order to pursue loose Pokémon and find other players to battle.

If Pokémon Go is not a fit for you, rest assured that there are plenty of options. Check out the Play Store, Apple App Store, or look into more traditional platforms that have add-ons for health focused gaming.

Written by Ashford University staff.

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