LinkedIn Launches ‘Students’ App for Networking, Job Search

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Social networking service LinkedIn has launched a new mobile application to help college students search for jobs and make connections in their chosen degree fields. The app, LinkedIn Students, helps future graduates face a common career challenge: college degrees don’t always match job descriptions. A Human Resources Management student will find job listings for human resources managers, but what about someone enrolled in Communication Studies? There’s no such thing as a Communication Studier. The app tries to solve this dilemma using the information you provide.

Setting Up

When you launch the app you have the option of signing in with your existing LinkedIn account, if you have one. You’ll then choose filters based on the school you previously attended or are currently attending. This feature is important for adult learners who are back in school and eyeing a career change. Once you’ve confirmed your school, major, and expected graduation date you’ll swipe left to start seeing your customized “ideas.”

Have You Considered?

Unlike the company’s titular app, LinkedIn Student first shows you a job title that matches your qualifications and asks, “Have you considered this role?” You’ll be able to read the job definition, median salary, skills required, top companies for the role, and alumni who hold or have held the position. The latter gives you a chance to network with someone who not only went to your school, but also has experience in the very role you might want to pursue. You can save a suggestion by tapping a star icon, but doing so also means you’ll automatically follow that person or company on your LinkedIn account.

Alumni Connections

The information you enter about your school and major is also used to formulate alumni recommendations. You’ll see three user profile suggestions at a time, along with the careers those users have entered into since graduating. The app gives you the opportunity to follow those alumni on LinkedIn.

Other Features

By continuing to swipe left, you can refresh your options for job titles or companies that employ alumni from your school. You’ll also see a “Would you consider this job?” screen that displays a single open position, and a “Where would like to work?” option that allows you to narrow your search to only the cities where you’re looking for a job. LinkedIn has also added a “recommended reading” feature that displays career-focused news and blog articles.

The LinkedIn Students app is available to download free for iOS and Android.


Written by Jason R. Latham, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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