Top 10 Education and Technology Experts to Follow on Twitter



As education and technology meld together at a rapid pace, many forward-thinking subject matter experts are weighing in with their own insights and experiences. Their blogs and social media feeds are plenty and ever growing, but here are just a handful of standouts along with a recommended recent piece from each:



#1. The Chronicle of Higher Education is a top source of news and information for faculty members in higher education, but is also of interest to students and anyone else with an interest in issues affecting colleges and universities today.
Read: A special report proposes innovative solutions to solve persistent conundrums found in higher education today.

#2. The Guardian Higher Education Network is produced by the UK news source The Guardian and is full of advice and insight related to higher education. Despite coming from across the pond, it’s for anyone working anywhere in or with higher education.
Read: The changing world of publishing is explored.

#3. Steven W. Anderson, the Director of Instructional Technology for the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools in Winston-Salem, NC, is “blogging about the web 2.0 connected classroom.”
Read: Steven’s perspective on the World Innovation Summit on Education, which he traveled to Qatar to attend.

#4. Andrew Campbell is an opinionated and funny educator who blogs about technology in the classroom, amongst other topics.
Read: The notion of what a digital textbook should be is challenged.

#5. Tom Vander Ark is the founder of, a site that encourages readers to think, learn, and innovate. Tom is the author of Getting Smart: How Digital Learning is Changing the World.
Read: The 12 trends Tom believes are most impacting the evolution of digital content.

#6. Angela Maiers stirs up conversations about learning and leadership in the 21st century. Her TED talk on the importance of the two words “you matter” has over 50,000 views.
Read: The reason why stories are so powerful, imperfections and all.

#7. Lisa Nielsen blogs about the future of education at The Innovative Educator. A proponent of alternative and innovative education and technology tools, she is the author of the book Teaching Generation Next.
Read: Four reasons she believes people should consider online and other non-traditional programs for their higher education needs.

#8. Audrey Waters blogs about education technology with a healthy dose of snark at Hack Education. She believes that redefining education is something that not just technologists, instructors, and students should do, but that everyone should do.
Read: A look back at the top educational-technology trends of 2011.

#9. NspiredD2 is a blog produced at the University of Notre Dame that explores the integration of education and technology.
Read: How free will ties in to technology and learning.

#10. Alec Couros, a Canadian professor of educational technology and media, is the blogger behind Open Thinking, which he describes as “rants and resources from an open educator.”
Read: A provoking exploration into the implications of the new technologies that are shaping education and our world.

Follow your favorites.



Written By: Lorelei Meetze
Lorelei is a regular contributor to the Ashford University blog.

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