Ashford University Catalog

Clinton Campus Student Information


Campus Address:

1310 19th Ave. NW
Clinton, Iowa, 52732

VA Facility Code: 21000415

Contact Information:

Charlie Minnick, Clinton Campus President
[email protected]
877.241.9893 ext. 27101

Shelly Mohr, Vice President, Clinton Campus Operations
[email protected]
877.241.9893 ext. 18404

Dawn Nardini, Director of Financial Services
[email protected]
877.241.9893 ext. 18104

Conan Stanley, Director of Financial Services
C[email protected]
877.241.9893, ext. 20302

Clery Contact and Title IX Coordinator:

Poppy Fitch
Associate Vice President, Student Affairs, Title IX/ADA
Compliance Coordinator 
866.974.5700 ext. 20702
[email protected]
8620 Spectrum Center Blvd, San Diego, CA 92123

Academic Programs

The Bachelor of Business Administration and the Master of Business Administration programs are offered in a combined format (online and in-residence requirements) through the Forbes School of Business at the Clinton Campus of Ashford University. See Clinton Campus Undergraduate Programs and Hybrid Graduate Programs for more information.

Ashford University Veteran's Center:

Ashford University’s Veteran’s Center is located on the Clinton Campus and is home to teams of Matriculation Coordinators, Student Advisors, Veteran’s Affairs Coordinators, and Tuition Assistance Specialists dedicated to serving veteran students. Through the Veteran’s Center, students and prospective students have the ability to schedule in-person meetings or phone sessions with their specialized advisors. These meetings can cover a range of topics including but not limited to career counseling, academic advising, accommodations and review of military-specific programming that the University offers.

The Veteran’s Center boasts a comfortable, quiet and welcoming environment with computer terminals and laptop connectivity stations where military and veteran students can focus on coursework and their studies, while also providing additional lounge space containing a myriad of printed informational materials intended to connect veterans to helpful community resources.

In addition to the physical location, Ashford University has an online Veteran’s Center that is located on the University’s external website. The online Veteran’s Center is accessible to all University students 24/7. It contains informational materials that connect veterans to helpful community resources. Additionally, the online Veteran’s Center houses information for the University’s military-specific programming including but not limited to the military and veteran peer mentoring program, the Student Veteran’s Organization, and SALUTE honor society.

Student Right-to-Know Disclosure of Graduation/Completion and Transfer-out Rates to Prospective Athletes, Parents, and Other Required Parties: