Employee Tuition Savings

Ashford University offers Employee Tuition Savings (ETS) to students selected and sponsored by a participating Employer. To be eligible for ETS, students must be enrolled in Ashford University undergraduate or master’s level Graduate programs, or non-degree seeking coursework at the undergraduate or master’s level. ETS is funded by both the Employer and Ashford University. This savings program is intended to help students minimize educational loan debt by funding a recipient’s direct education-related costs not covered by their employer’s reimbursement plan. Direct education-related costs include tuition for all eligible courses, Technology Fee (per course), books, course digital materials, instructional materials, graduation fee, and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) fees.

An important condition of ETS is that students maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in their program of study. Receipt of an unsuccessful grade (defined as an “F,” “WF,” “W,” or for General Education Competency courses, below a “C-”, or grades below an employer’s grade policy), may necessitate a student’s ETS eligibility being reviewed by the ETS Review Committee. If a student earns a grade that is unsuccessful by Ashford’s or an employer’s policy; it will be considered an allowance. Students who carry more than two (2) allowances at any time during their course of study may lose eligibility for ETS. Allowances may reset on an annual basis provided students maintain successful progression and still meet their required funding amount. Concurrent enrollment, defined as more than one class in each 5 (undergrad) or 6 (master’s) week period, is available for students to request with an accompanied cash payment for course tuition and fees. Approval without a payment may be permitted for extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Ashford University.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement along with ETS fund up to ten (10) undergraduate or (8) masters courses over a period of time, up to 12-months, referred to as an ETS Year. Concurrent enrollment, defined as the enrollment in more than one class in every five (undergraduate) or six (masters) week module, is available for students to request with an accompanied cash additional payment for course tuition. Pre-approval without a payment may be permitted for extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Ashford University. Under no circumstances can a student complete more than ten (undergraduate) or eight (masters) courses utilizing only employer funding within a single ETS year.

All required ETS forms (detailed below) must be completed, submitted, and approved prior to application for each new participating student.

Documentation required for the Employee Tuition Savings includes the following:

  • Employee Tuition Savings Agreement (executed between the University and Employer);
  • Employee Tuition Savings Acknowledgement and Release Form;
  • Student Finance Agreement indicating Employee Tuition Savings (located in the Ashford Online Application) or Payment Option Change Request Form (current students only)
  • Employee Tuition Savings Re-Confirmation of Benefits (completed annually after first year of enrollment).

In addition, to continue participation in the savings program, students are required to re-confirm eligibility for benefits every ETS Year.

Any of the following circumstances may result in the loss of ETS benefit eligibility:

  1. Loss of employment with Employer
  2. Failure to meet Employer’s requirements
  3. Failure to maintain a valid credit card to be charged for course with valid grade up to employer contribution
  4. Failure to submit documentation of tuition assistance eligibility
    • Students must submit all required forms to their assigned advisor for verification at least seven (7) days prior to the start of class in applicable ETS year.
  5. Withdrawal/dismissal from Ashford University
  6. Break in enrollment of greater than 14 days without an approved Academic Leave Request
  7. Receive more than two (2) unsuccessful grades (defined as an “F,” “WF,” “W,” or for General Education Competency courses, below a “C-”, or grades below an employer’s grade policy)
  8. Failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress during the course of the program or violating Ashford University policies outlined in the Ashford University Academic Catalog
  9. Successfully complete degree program (continuation will require a new application).

The University offers this program in conjunction with the funding provided by the Employer. The Employer must offer a qualifying amount of tuition assistance for their students to be eligible for the ETS program. ETS students must maintain a valid credit card on file to be charged for courses with a valid course grades for tuition not to exceed the employer contribution for the ETS year. It is the student’s responsibility to adhere to all employer tuition assistance policies and procedures to ensure full tuition assistance is received from employer. 

If at any point; an ETS student becomes ineligible for the savings program; they will need to select new payment options to continue coursework. Students transitioning out of ETS may also be eligible for the College Continuation Benefit (CCB). Please refer to the College Continuation Benefit outlined in the Ashford University Academic Catalog.

This program may not be utilized concurrently in the same enrollment period with any other Ashford University sponsored grant, scholarship, or benefit program. Students are encouraged to speak with their Advisor to explore all programs they may be eligible for prior to submitting their Employee Tuition Savings documents.

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