Forbes Scholarship Recipients

Forbes School of Business & Technology


The Forbes School of Business & Technology empowers students to work hard and achieve both academic and professional goals. Many students apply each spring for the Forbes Scholarships, which provide funding for educational and entrepreneurial efforts. Recipients apply scholarships to graduate programs and running their own businesses. Get inspired by the latest scholarship recipients:



Entrepreneurship Scholarship Recipients

Cheryl Brown - California, Class of '18 (BA), currently seeking MA
Anthony Kirk - Oklahoma
Juan Perez - Maryland
Stacy Stelly - Louisiana
Justin Walsh - Texas

Senior Project Scholarship Recipients

Jay Raley - Oklahoma

Entrepreneurship Scholarship Recipients

Esi Colbert - Alabama
Charmaine Hicks - Virginia
Clay Manley - Florida 
Edward Munoz - California, Class of '18
Victor Triscas - California, Class of '18

Senior Project Scholarship Recipients

Emily Jarvis - California, Class of '18 
Daniel McCleskey - Mississippi, Class of '17 (BA)

Entrepreneurship Scholarship Recipients

Michael Barnes - Maryland, Class of ’16 (BA)
Sade Brown - Ohio
Zachary Brown - Indiana, Class of ’15 (BA), Class of '17 (MBA)
Justen Jones - Hawaii
Cher Middleton - California

Senior Project Scholarship Recipients

Lynn Currie – South Carolina, Class of ’15 (BA), Class of '17 (MBA)
Amanda Noon – Arizona, Class of ’15 (BA)
Michael Vigil – New Mexico, Class of ’15 (BA), currently seeking MA

Entrepreneurship Scholarship Recipients

Najah Byron – California, Class of ’15 (BA)
Dannie Edmon – Ohio
Eric Husher – Rhode Island, Class of ‘16 (BA)
Kamie Naughton – North Carolina
Kirk Nelson – Florida, Class of ‘16 (BA)
Theresa Pope – Georgia, Class of '17 (BA)

Senior Project Scholarship Recipients

Philip Kusi – Connecticut, Class of ’15 (BA)
Leisha Krueger - Oregon, Class of ’16 (BA)

Entrepreneurship Scholarship Recipients

Christopher Gross – Alaska, Class of ‘16 (BA)
Melanie Pendleton – Missouri, Class of ’15 (AA/BA), Class of '17 (MA)
Rosa Lara Rios – California, Class of ’16 (MPA)
Steven Strain – California, Class of ‘16 (BA)
William Vaughn – Tennessee, Class of ‘15 (BA)

Senior Project Scholarship Recipients

Kyle Baucum – Nebraska, Class of ’16 (BA and MBA)

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