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The university strives for diversity in our faculty.

Diversity is a long-held principle of Ashford University, and is a core value identified in the institution’s mission statement. As such, the overall representation of women and minority group members among the faculty has steadily increased over the last several years. In fall of 2013, the percentage of women comprised 61% of all faculty, while the representation of men and women among minority groups comprised 27% of all faculty. Additionally, African American women represented nearly half (47%) of all minority faculty in 2013.

Full, Associate and Assistant Professors are represented in the Full-time Faculty tab of the Faculty Data Chart: Full-time Professors are responsible for teaching a full-time course load, participating within the college structure to develop and implement programs and serve on program councils and committees. Associate faculty members are represented in the Associate Faculty tab of the Faculty Data Chart: Associate faculty members (part time) are assigned to teach individual courses on a contract basis online or at an Instructional Site. Prospective faculty members for Ashford University are required to go through a rigorous application and review process prior to employment as an associate faculty member. The application process for new associate faculty members consists of four phases: a profile, an application, an interview, and if successful and deemed qualified, they are invited to participate in a three-week online training session called New Faculty Experience (NFE), which is discussed below. When the new faculty member has completed the NFE, Faculty Development sends the employee’s name and contact information to Faculty Scheduling. At this point, the faculty member is scheduled for two upcoming courses. The Faculty Support and Development team sends a support packet of additional classroom information between the completion of the NFE and the beginning of the instructor’s first course. The instructor is assigned a Faculty Support and Development Associate, who specializes in working with first-time instructors. Faculty Support and Development Associates provide specialized support to new faculty through their first two online courses and continued support in all future courses. Second course coaching is additionally provided by each college individually. The process ensures that the faculty member is fully prepared to move forward as an Ashford faculty member. Under the direction of the Provost, the academic process is managed by an Executive Dean for each college, who has central oversight for all activities in the college, manages the online programs, and assures consistency between the online programs and other Instructional Sites. Academic governance rests with the faculty and is designed to ensure broad participation by associate and full-time faculty members.

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