Waypoint Outcomes

Waypoint Outcomes, a subsidiary of Bridgepoint Education, Inc., is an electronic grading rubric and assessment data-gathering tool which is integrated with Ashford's learning management system. Having quality rubrics within each Ashford course provides clarity of criteria, distinct levels of standards, reliability in scoring, and support of metacognition. The Waypoint rubric serves as a reference point for the faculty to both teach and track student progress as their knowledge develops. By placing student performance along a continuum from distinguished to below basic, rubrics help to set anchor points so that faculty can set reasonable and appropriate expectations for learners and consistently assess how well they have met them.

Each Waypoint rubric allows instructors to move away from subjective grading by allowing them and others, including students themselves, to assess work based on consistent and objective criteria. Using a strategically designed rubric with well-defined evaluation criteria and optional editable feedback, faculty can quickly and efficiently grade papers while still providing robust and meaningful feedback to students. Subject specific feedback is given that provides students information on what was done well and gives corrective comments for improvement on future assignments.

Waypoint provides detailed and specific performance benchmarks, content specific additional feedback, and mapping of each content criterion to course, program, and institutional outcomes. Each rubric is directly aligned to course, program, and institutional outcomes, and the reporting provides faculty and staff with detailed information on the improvements that can be made in order to further develop student learning.

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