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Bachelor of Arts in Finance

Invest in your future with your IACBE accredited Bachelor of Arts in Finance degree online from Ashford University. Every business is an integrated system and needs professionals with finance skills in long-range financial planning and implementation. By earning your finance degree, you will discover how to measure and secure the efficient use of financial resources. This online finance degree program will start you off by teaching you the main principles of finance and then take you into the principles of investments. During your BA in finance, you will have the opportunity to take classes in international finance or financial risk and mitigation, taking your finance skills even further. Scholarships are also available for those pursuing their finance degree from Ashford.

What is a Bachelor's in Finance Degree?
A bachelor's degree in finance provides students the financial skills and knowledge needed to appropriately assess business opportunities in rapidly changing financial markets. A bachelor's in finance is designed to provide students with a strong academic foundation in the field of finance, which in essence is the study of money and how it gets used. Most finance degrees such as Ashford’s, have students learning a range of finance-related topics such as accounting and economics, and even more in-depth topics such as investments and risk management.

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What you will learn

The bachelor’s in finance provides you with an understanding of financial analysis, financial management, and financial systems. You will build your skills in long-range financial planning and implementation. Learn problem-solving skills, including the ability to analyze business and financial conditions. Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree in finance, you will be able to:

  • Analyze business and financial conditions using appropriate problem solving skills
  • Apply financial theories to conduct financial analysis
  • Appraise financial practices to achieve the efficient use of financial resources
  • Evaluate the political, social, legal, regulatory, and technological issues in the context of micro-and macro-finance
  • Evaluate financial information and non-financial information in order to appropriately assess business opportunities
  • Construct long-range financial planning, implementation, and control systems

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Your Courses in Finance

Invest in your career with your Bachelor of Arts in Finance from Ashford University. Your online finance degree courses include such in-depth subjects as markets, investments, risk management, and micro and macroeconomics.

Introductory Courses
To help students acclimate to the online classroom, you may be required to complete Introductory Course requirements. Learn more about Introductory Courses

Major Course Requirements (45 credits, all courses are 3 credits.)

Emphases for Finance

An emphasis provides you with additional opportunities to broaden and enrich your education that is distinct from and enhances your major. It may be taken as a way to expand career options, to prepare for graduate study, or simply to explore in greater depth an area different from your major. An emphasis consists of three (3), three (3) credit courses. Choose from the following emphases:

Cognitive Studies

Environmental Management & Sustainability

Public Administration

Public Relations

Web & Mobile App Technology

BA in Finance

Explore the BA in Finance degree from Ashford University. In this video, Dr. Kevin Kuznia, Chair of the BA in Finance program, reveals the major skills you will develop in this program, the progression of the curriculum, and the major takeaways you can expect as a finance graduate. Some of these finance skills and takeaways include:

  • Analytical skills
  • Understanding cash flows
  • The time value of money: Future vs present values 
  • Annuities

Careers in Finance

When you complete your finance degree online, you will be prepared for a career in which a broad background and general knowledge in the field of finance are requirements. Ashford’s online finance degree will prepare you for a wide variety of finance and accounting-related careers. Take a look at some of these potential finance career options below.

Finance Careers

How Long Does It Take to Get a Finance Degree?

Depending on your level of dedication and full-time status, a bachelor’s degree in finance provides entry-level learning opportunities and can usually take full-time students four years to complete. Additionally, a finance degree can be required for many different finance positions in the field, while a bachelor’s degree is often a minimum requirement for some finance related certifications. This is something to take into consideration when planning out both your education and career goals.

Faculty & Support Finance Majors

Ashford University’s qualified and distinguished finance faculty members are here to support you throughout your education, as you can rely on them in helping you succeed in your degree in finance. You will be learning from the best, as our finance faculty have had many years in the industry and poses a range of financial certifications. By having faculty and professors who have the professional and necessary real-world experience in finance, you and your degree are given added value.


The Bachelor of Arts in Finance degree is IACBE accredited.


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Are you currently a licensed RN?

This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.