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Are you a rational thinker with creative ideas? Are you excited by the idea of supporting today's businesses with the financial know-how and tools that they need to grow and lead in the modern economy? An online accounting degree can open the door to many careers in the finance and accounting sectors, and the skills you acquire can even pave a path toward sales, entrepreneurship, and a range of other careers. 

Accounting skills are at the heart of any business. Beyond crunching numbers, the accounting degree programs at Ashford University expose students to the language of business, its modern tools and technology, and specific analytical skills that any successful business leader needs. But which degree is right for you? Use Ashford’s Online Accounting and Finance Degrees page to uncover all the information prospective students like yourself need in order to choose the best accounting program for your unique goals.

Online Accounting and Finance Degree FAQs

An online bachelor's degree in finance or an online accounting degree gives students the specific skills they need to compete for fulfilling, analytical jobs in a number of work environments. Governmental offices, non-profits, and private businesses alike have a strong need for specialized finance and accounting skills, which can make your online accounting or finance degree a versatile career tool.

From accounting work for individuals or small businesses to finance jobs that support major corporations and private entities, opportunities for people with a degree in accounting or finance are available. The Online Accounting and Finance page highlights these career paths and more, giving prospective students like you valuable information on how and where you could put your degree to work after graduation.

Life after Earning Your Accounting and Finance Degree

If you're considering expanding your career opportunities through a graduate program in the financial sector, whether immediately after receiving your undergraduate degree or following a few years of experience in the workforce, pursuing your Master of Business Administration can be a great option (especially if you're prepared with an undergrad accounting or finance degree beforehand).

A bachelor's degree in accounting or finance makes a fantastic stepping stone to pursuing your MBA, by providing a natural foundation for the practical skills that you will further hone in an online MBA degree program.

Having a finance or accounting bachelor's degree under your belt establishes that you have the focus, know-how, and specific skillset required to appeal to both graduate admissions departments and potential employers. In today's competitive business environment, having an advanced education built upon business-critical financial understanding can help job seekers like you stand out when you're ready to expand your opportunities in the workforce.

An online degree in finance or accounting can set you down a path toward a rewarding career in a variety of industries, working for organizations of all types and sizes. At Ashford University, you have the opportunity to receive the knowledge and skills you need to turn your dream of advanced education into a reality. Discover what's possible when you explore our Online Accounting and Finance page today.



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