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Online Bachelor’s Degrees

An online bachelor’s degree from Ashford University can be a great catalyst to a new career and a new life. An increasing number of job opportunities require at least some college experience. You may open up a new world of employment opportunities by pursuing your bachelor’s degree online. Choose from over 50 Ashford’s online bachelor’s programs. The Forbes School of Business & Technology™ alone has 20 major options to accommodate a variety of career paths. If there is a job you’ve been dreaming about, earning a BA degree online from Ashford can make that dream a reality.

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Are you currently a licensed RN?

This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.

Top 10 Requested Ashford Bachelor’s Degrees for 2017

Find many competitive and valuable educational disciplines among Ashford University’s online bachelor’s degree programs, including accounting, business administration, nursing, social & criminal justice, and various sciences.

BA in Business Administration
BA in Early Childhood Education
BA in Psychology
BA in Health Care Administration
BA in Social and Criminal Justice
BA in Applied Behavioral Science
BA in Human Resources Management
BA in Business Information Systems
BA in Accounting
BA in Health and Human Services

58 results
58 results

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

Forbes School of Business & Technology™

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science

College of Health, Human Services, and Science

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Forbes School of Business & Technology™

Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics

Forbes School of Business & Technology™

Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems

Forbes School of Business & Technology™

Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership

Forbes School of Business & Technology™

Minors at Ashford University

Today’s employers need versatile employees who can handle their duties while helping out with other tasks. A minor to pair with one of Ashford University’s online bachelor’s degrees can help you prove that you have those supplemental skills and proper education. Plus, a minor requires only 18 credits (or six courses) to complete, giving you that extra value that every undergraduate student deserves. Check out Ashford’s minors to see if one aligns with your career goals, or adds an area of interest to your current field of study or planned bachelor's degree.

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SmartTrack Jump start your Master’s degree

Make the most of your higher education with Smart Track. The Smart Track program offers Ashford University Bachelor’s students a convenient way to get a jump start on a master’s degree at Ashford University. With Ashford’s Smart Track, you can:

  • Participate in graduate courses while still an undergraduate
  • Reduce the time you spend pursuing your master’s degree
  • Save money on tuition, bachelor’s-level tuition applies to any Ashford master’s-level coursework attempted as part of the bachelor’s program in any of our colleges

How Smart Track Works

Explore Online Learning Bachelor's Degrees

If higher education is something you’ve been putting off, Ashford’s online bachelor’s degree programs may be the answer you need. There are many reasons to pursue your undergraduate degree online at Ashford compared to traditional colleges: schedule flexibility, a diverse selection of degree programs, accelerated course options, and more. When you pursue a bachelor’s degree in an online learning format, you can enjoy convenient scheduling and fast-paced learning opportunities. Ashford also provides students with access to a variety of digital tools available to accelerate learning and keep you engaged during your studies. Trying to choose between degrees? Explore our article on Associate vs Bachelor's Degrees.

Choosing Your Major Bachelor's Degrees

Many online bachelor’s degree programs have subtle differences, so be sure to thoroughly research your degree to learn which one is best for you. Ashford offers a full catalog of college degrees, with varying specializations and depth. Curriculum isn’t the only consideration that students should make, though. The learning format, faculty, and available technology should all be factors when choosing the online BA program that is best for you.