4 Unexpected Leadership Lessons from an Organizational Management Program

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The organizational management discipline seeks to build leaders. In both the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and the Master of Arts in Organizational Management programs at Ashford University, students learn valuable lessons about how to lead from any position within an organization. Unsurprisingly, the curriculum covers important topics such as personal leadership styles and decision-making skills. Some of the most valuable lessons, however, don’t necessarily appear on any syllabus. Check out these unexpected lessons Ashford students learned on their way to an Organizational Management degree.

Build Confidence as a Leader

“I graduated in 2014 and recently had a promotion to department supervisor,” said Ashford graduate Priscilla Buford. “My education has taught me to lead with grace and patience, which is a challenge for me in a busy retail environment. I am learning to trust my training regardless of the struggle.”

Priscilla’s story highlights the role education can play in building confidence. Everyone faces occasional struggles at work and can doubt their abilities to handle challenges. But education provides students with skills and knowledge they can fall back upon in difficult moments. Furthermore, the skills and knowledge taught in the classroom have worked for many other leaders previously. It’s easy to feel confident about ideas that have proven successful in the past.

Provide a New Perspective

When you work in any industry for years, it’s easy to get stuck in a silo and fall into a routine. Sometimes, a degree program is just the thing to shake up a routine and encourage you to look at your industry with fresh eyes.

“I obtained my Organizational Management degree in 2012, and I’ve just started implementing my own ideas to provide housing for mature women with addiction problems,” said Ashford graduate Linda Simms. “My degree allows me to understand how to manage my own private sector and learn how to write grants that will help me hire a staff that will provide other means for the patients.”

Redefine Success

“My Master’s in Organizational Management has shown me that being successful as a leader means more than just seeking profits,” said 2016 Ashford graduate Alan Jacovino. “Rather it is about creating a beacon of success that is reaffirmed throughout time.”

Too often, success in the business world seems to come down to a simple matter of dollars and cents. While finances are an important part of any business, should money be the most important indicator of success? For students like Alan, the answer is “no.” His education helped him to create his own goals to strive for.

Manage Explosive Situations…Literally

Aubrey Johnson’s story is unique, but it does highlight a significant point about the Organizational Management curriculum. “Since obtaining my Organizational Management degree, I’m utilizing my knowledge in the management of Class V explosives as a civilian contractor for the U.S. Army,” explained Aubrey, who earned his BA in Organizational Management from Ashford in 2014.

True, most students will never need to handle dangerous explosives, but Aubrey’s success illustrates the transferability of the knowledge acquired in an Organizational Management program. Just about any worker in any organization can benefit from the leadership skills acquired in this discipline.

The lessons may not always appear on the pages of textbooks, but the organizational management discipline offers a great deal of valuable knowledge to current and future leaders.


Written by Erik Siwak, Communications Manager for Bridgepoint Education



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