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As you make plans to attend Ashford University for your MBA, familiarize yourself with five popular MBA specializations for the year. Personalizing your MBA with a specialization makes you more marketable. Understanding the special focus of each of these subcategories will help you choose the right educational path to potentially land the job you want.


Project Management

The ability to oversee large projects and follow them to completion is a highly marketable skill in the business world. With this specialization, you’ll learn essential project management practices such as scheduling, organizational strategy, procurement, and risk management. The three courses required provide an in depth understanding of project management strategies and expertise in managing costs, operations, communication, and quality. The Project Management courses required for this specialization are BUS 611 Project Planning & Management, BUS 612 Advanced Project Procurement, and BUS 697 Project Management Strategy.



A specialization in entrepreneurship is ideal for MBA candidates who are passionate about the prospect of being their own boss and want to learn all the aspects of owning and managing their own business. The three courses in Entrepreneurship will teach you valuable leadership skills, such as interpersonal and management techniques, and provide lessons in economics, accounting, capital generation, strategic planning, and risk management. The Entrepreneurship courses required for this specialization are BUS 604 New Business Venture Management, BUS 605 Venture Capital and Private Equity, and BUS 696 Strategic Thinking for Entrepreneurs.



Specializing in finance sharpens your skills in investment, economics, and accounting to prepare you for corporate-level financial roles. The three courses under this specialization teach you a variety of financial skills necessary to thrive in today’s competitive economy. Learn about investment strategies, forecasting and risk management, how to effectively manage the financial health of a business and analyze financial statements, and international financial management. The Finance courses required for this specialization are BUS 655 Financial Investment Management, BUS 657 Corporate Managerial Finance, and BUS 694 Finance Capstone Seminar.


Information Systems

An MBA specialization in information systems teaches you how to support the technological needs of today’s businesses. Technology impacts organizations at every level, and to stay competitive, businesses want the best new tech solutions and information. This specialization helps you deliver. Three dedicated courses teach you a variety of tech skills, including the fundamentals of computer systems, an overview of essential computer software, information systems planning, and infrastructure and systems security. The Information Systems courses required for this specialization are INF 620 Management of Information Systems, INF 630 Systems Analysis, and INF 690 ISS Capstone Seminar.



Specializing in marketing for your MBA teaches you to effectively promote yourself and the companies that hire you using both established and cutting-edge marketing strategies and ideas. You will study traditional and nontraditional strategies used by today’s successful marketing teams to build brand awareness, increase sales, and expand market share. You will learn about consumer and buyer behavior, marketing research methodology, and how to build a successful marketing strategy. The Marketing courses required for this specialization are MKT 625 Consumer Behavior, MKT 635 Marketing Research, and BUS 695 Marketing Capstone Seminar.

Take the time to focus on one of these top five specialties, and you’ll find yourself a highly marketable MBA graduate well-equipped for today’s evolving work world.


Written by Ashford University staff.

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