Beyond the Usual Business Degree

Business Degree

Forget the cliché of a business major enjoying a power lunch in a three-piece suit or toiling for eternity over spreadsheets in Cubicle City. These days, with the economy reshaping itself and entrepreneurialism playing a larger role, the business degree knows no bounds.

That’s why more and more students, both traditional and working adults, are looking to add business skills to their resumes. They’re doing it in fields only loosely connected to traditional business majors, such as finance or accounting, and they’re doing it because a degree in a business-related field can be the ticket to some of the highest-paying jobs in today’s market.

Learn How to Be Your Own Boss

Entrepreneurial education is a hot major, both at brick-and-mortar campuses and in online degree programs. Students pursuing this type of degree generally have great ideas but realize they need more of a business background to execute them. They learn about product development and capital management in addition to traditional subjects such as marketing. The payoff for this type of degree can be huge. If entrepreneurs aren’t running their own companies, they’re serving as CEOs of someone else’s, as more and more businesses realize that success in today’s economy requires a different mindset.

Embrace Your Inner Geek

An information technology degree provides another promising path that’s not limited to tech-savvy students. In fact, sometimes it’s not necessary to have any technical experience at all to pursue these degrees. Employers are looking for critical-thinking skills, not just coding ability. They’re looking for managers who can communicate across departments and across functions in addition to being able to design and manage computer systems. A good business information systems program will produce graduates who are leaders, not just coders.

Business as Not-So-Usual

A business administration degree, in some ways, follows traditional business school curriculum more closely, but there still are important differences. With a business administration degree, graduates leave school with the critical-thinking skills they need to thrive in today’s collaborative environment. A good program will emphasize projects and teamwork more than it will tests and quizzes. The coursework will require students to learn how to function in today’s interconnected business world.

The classic business degrees still carry some juice in today’s market. Professions such as tax consulting and compliance are among the most lucrative careers for business majors. These careers begin with the good old-fashioned accounting degree.

A marketing degree still has market value, too, particularly when it’s combined with the technical skill and digital media savvy to launch a career in Internet marketing.

For today’s students, a business degree is a versatile credential. Whether working for an established business or creating your own, the skills you learn in business school will be invaluable throughout your career.

Written by Ashford University staff

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