Careers in Business Economics

When you complete your Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics degree, you will be prepared for a career in which a broad background and general knowledge in the field of economics are requirements. You may choose to enter one of the areas of business or industry for which your degree has prepared you, start your own business, or pursue careers with local, state, or federal government. Just a few of the many business economics careers that often begin with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics include:

  • Business Analyst
  • Bank Manager
  • Market Research Specialist
  • Investment Analyst
  • Director of Finance
  • Stock Broker
  • Insurance Underwriter
  • Risk Manager
  • Market Analyst 

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Successful completion of this program by itself does not provide licensure or certification in any state, regardless of concentration or specialization. Students seeking licensure or certification in a particular profession are strongly encouraged to carefully research the requirements prior to enrollment. Requirements may vary by state. Ashford University does not guarantee that any professional organization will accept a graduate's application to sit for any exam for the purpose of professional certification.

Business Economics Degree Jobs & Information

Typical settings for business economics jobs:

  • Financial institutions
  • Marketing institutions
  • Investment institutions
  • Consulting firms
  • Market research organizations
  • Mergers and acquisitions departments
  • Insurance companies

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