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There are many reasons to go back to school and pursue an MBA, but a big one on most people's lists is the opportunity to grow and expand their career. Ultimately, this potential means that MBA degrees must mean something special to employers.

In fact, interest in the MBA among employers has never been higher. According to a 2015 report by the Graduate Management Admission Council, 84 percent of companies plan to add recent MBAs to their workforce. Employers are keener than ever to look at candidates with a master's in business administration, and large percentages of hiring managers say their organizations have ramped up plans to add staff who hold MBAs. Economists predict this type of trend will only continue.

Meanwhile, job-seekers who understand the value of the MBA and its attractiveness to employers are pursuing advanced business degrees in record numbers. Now more than ever, the MBA is a desirable and mainstream credential to procure, whatever side of the interview table you're sitting on.

With the popularity of MBA programs on the rise, graduate schools have had to make their programs more flexible and accessible for a wide range of people who are eager to advance. Demand for greater accessibility and opportunity combined with the power of today's technology has been the motivating factor behind many business schools' decision to provide an online MBA program.

Nowadays, the diversity of schools offering online graduate and undergraduate degree programs runs the spectrum from large public universities to prestigious private institutions from coast to coast. As online learning has advanced over the years, growing adoption by students and schools alike has helped shape the perception of online education as a modern and legitimate avenue for acquiring the kind of skills valued by today's employers.

The benefits that employers perceive come with an MBA apply to an online MBA as well. You'll learn vital business-management skills in a broad range of functional areas and demonstrate the kind of intangibles like self-motivation and drive that employers like to see. Online MBAs may also specialize in a discipline to further hone their skillset and stand out as job candidates.

Beyond that, pursuing an online MBA comes with its own set of unique realities that you can use to sell yourself as a strong hire. For starters, learning from and interacting with professors and other students using modern, technology-driven tools gives you experience that more closely matches the way lots of teams work in today's global, Internet-enabled work environment.

In addition, if you've taken advantage of the flexibility that pursuing an online degree affords in order to work while you attend school, your ability to successfully manage multiple responsibilities can be an attractive asset in the mind of an employer.

With the growing popularity of the MBA in general and online MBA programs in particular, the degree is fast becoming a mainstream option for professionals who are serious about furthering their education and improving their career prospects. Lucky for them, employers think so, too.

Written by Ashford University staff

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