How to Maintain Relationships While Pursuing Your MBA

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Friendships, and sometimes even committed relationships, can be hard to maintain—especially while you’re pursuing your MBA. At the same time, you’ll want to build new relationships with people likely to be your future colleagues. Don’t let a hectic schedule erode your social life, at home or with your classmates. Try these tips for keeping ties.

Plan for Together Time

When you plan ahead to get together with a friend or a significant other, it helps you both to adjust your schedules accordingly. For instance, if you have a dinner date with someone and are studying in the afternoon, you’re likely to finish studying, because you know you’ll be going out later. If getting together in person isn’t possible, there is always the telephone. Make the effort to chat, even if it’s for just 20 minutes. The key is to stay in touch with each other and stay connected to one another’s lives.

Check in However You Can

When schedules are really tight, even getting on the phone can be impossible. This situation is where quick check-ins come in handy. Send a text with a quick update about your day, how you did on an exam, or just drop a line letting him or her know they’re in your thoughts. Social media is another good way to let the other person know you are thinking about him or her. A quick like on Facebook and a kind comment are better than nothing!

Plan a Vacation Together

A great way to cement a bond is to spend some one-on-one time away from home. Even if this time only occurs once a year, the personal time you spend together can cement the relationship in a way that nothing else can. Plan your trip months or even a year ahead of time. Doing so allows you to fit the trip into your schedules and will give you both something exciting to anticipate. You’ll find you grow close as you look forward to the trip and make plans for the outing.

Be Understanding with Yourself and Others

You are going to have days, weeks, or even months where coursework and day-to-day demands crowd out your social life. The same holds true for your friends and loved ones, who have their own lives. Don’t get upset if you have to cancel a lunch date--you won’t be studying for your MBA forever! A time will come when you can both spend more time together.

Relationships are an important part of a fulfilling life, as is advancing your education. When the demands on your time start to chip away at those crucial ties, it’s time to take a breath and stay connected as best you can. True friends and understanding family will support your efforts to improve your life and will understand the occasional blip in the social calendar.


Written by Ashford University staff.

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