Maintain a Life/Work Balance While Pursuing Your MBA

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One of the challenges of pursuing your MBA is the all-consuming nature of doing so. Not only are class time, assignments, and projects sometimes overwhelming, it’s especially difficult to rise to the challenges of simultaneously navigating day-to-day life. Here are some work/life balance tips to help succeed during this challenging yet exciting time.

Depend on Family and Friends

Talk to your immediate family and friends about your rigorous schedule. Explain your time constraints and ask loved ones to be as understanding as possible. This opportunity also allows you to recruit family and friends to help you with day-to-day tasks that you are able to delegate while you’re in school.

Hire Help

If there are areas of your life where there is no one to take up the slack, consider hiring help when necessary. Instead of using precious studying time on chores like mowing the lawn or cleaning your home, hire someone to temporarily take over these tasks while you are in school. The pursuit of an MBA simply doesn’t allow time to do everything you once did, and it’s not always possible or considerate to delegate every task to family or friends.

Plan Your Schedule Carefully

Put some thought into planning your school schedule. Professors put an extraordinary amount of time into their course syllabi. Take advantage of their diligence and start blocking off time throughout the semester for researching and writing papers, participating in online discussions and study group meetings, etc. If you don't already, start incorporating family obligations and other personal demands on your time into your calendar. This comprehensive approach will keep you mindful of the road ahead and better prepared for crunch time towards the end of the semester.

Watch Your Health

Yes, you are being stretched to capacity pursuing your MBA, but that is no reason to neglect your well-being. The rigors of graduate school combined with everyday life make it more important than ever to eat well and get enough sleep. A pattern of poor nutrition and too little sleep will eventually catch up with you and affect your health and your coursework.

Be Patient with Yourself

Tackling an MBA is a big undertaking. Remind yourself and the people in your life that you have limitations at this time. Remember that it’s okay to say no to social obligations and hobbies while you are in school. You can resume your normal activities once you’ve graduated.

Among the skills you'll acquire along the path to your MBA, few will serve you better than achieving a work-life balance. Returning to the workforce after graduation takes these hard-won lessons to the next level. Work, like your education, is an ongoing process that requires faithful planning and discipline to ensure that the most important things in life--family, home, and personal time, receive their due attention.

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Written by Ashford University staff

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