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Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Development and Leadership

Reach the peak of graduate studies in leadership with the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Organizational Development and Leadership from Ashford University. This doctorate in organizational development will demonstrate your ability to assess organizations by relying on research and evidence. You will also develop your ability to anticipate the impact of strategic initiatives and organizational change. Then you will pursue more advanced courses with research, statistics, and measurement, as you work toward your dissertation. This PhD in organizational development is designed with the working professional in mind, as many of the concepts and theories learned can be practical to your current or future career.

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What you will learn

In your PhD in Organizational Development and Leadership, you will create your own development solutions and evaluate them based on human performance technology. You will also evaluate diversity in organizations as a competitive advantage. Your coursework includes discovery and applications in areas such as performance management, organizational change, employee motivation, executive coaching, ethics, and more. When you graduate with the PhD in Organizational Development and Leadership you will be able to:

  • Design research applicable to individuals, teams, and organizations using evidence-based methods and principles of ethical psychological research
  • Assess the influence and impact of social, emotional, and cultural dynamics on organizational strategy, innovation, learning, growth, and competitive advantage
  • Create evidence-based systems and strategies associated with organizational performance, structure, and development, human performance, behavior and learning, and growth and innovation
  • Evaluate concepts, skills, and initiatives that are fundamental to the ethical practice of diverse and multicultural organizations and organizational leaders
  • Appraise the complexity of organizational development systems and functions as an effective change agent through implementation of evidence-based interventions and psychological research in complex, multicultural teams and organizations
  • Assess the impact of organizational development policies, practices, strategic initiatives, innovation, and change processes in teams and organizations
  • Design appropriate organizational learning and development solutions influenced by principles of human performance technology and industrial and organizational psychology
  • Apply leadership skills that are appropriate for a variety of complex, multicultural team and organizational settings

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Your Courses in Organizational Development and Leadership

The PhD in Organizational Development and Leadership includes 10 core courses, plus one (1) elective research course, six (6) specialization courses, and a capstone seminar. The coursework leads up to your doctoral dissertation, which includes two (2) dissertation planning courses as well as five (5) units of the dissertation course. All of your organizational development courses are instructed by experienced faculty members who all have earned doctorates themselves. Their experience in the field allows them to develop and deliver a high-quality online education to you.   

Core, Research, Capstone, and Dissertation Course Requirements: (44 credits)

Note: you must select either RES 7415 or RES 7440 to fulfill the Research Course Requirement. 

Specializations in Organizational Development and Leadership

Personalize your PhD in Organizational Development and Leadership by selecting a specialization that aligns with your career aspirations. Each specialization is 18 credits and consists of 6 courses. Select from the following specializations:

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Organizational Diversity

Standard Organizational Development and Leadership Doctoral

Training and E-Learning

Careers in Organizational Development and Leadership

Prepare for leadership roles in a wide range of businesses with the Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Development and Leadership. Those who obtain a PhD in organizational development can be more qualified to advance in their careers. Most of your courses are offered online, allowing you to have the flexibility to continue working while completing your doctorate. View some of the potential career options that may be available to you.


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