Values-Based Leadership by Dr. Olin Oedekoven | Distinguished Lecturer Series

Olin Oedekoven

Dr. Olin Oedekoven, President and CEO of Peregrine Academic Services and Peregrine Leadership Institute, knows a thing or two about leadership. He also knows the type of leadership that is most successful for your career and organization. Dr. Oedekoven presents his thoughts on leadership with his talk entitled Balridge-Based Leadership: Leading for Quality, Innovation, and Continuous Improvement at the July Forbes Distinguished Lecturer Series, hosted by the Forbes School of Business & Technology™ at Ashford University. He will discuss how to create and execute a values-based leadership that enhances company culture, which involves shaping your leadership around with mission, vision, and values in mind.

Knowing Your Mission, Vision, & Values

Dr. Oedekoven explains that there are three critical components to enjoying and getting the most out of your career: mission, vision, and values. When you understand and apply these three tenets, not only will you be productive, but your organization will also run at its best. Mission can be defined as what you do; vision as why you do what you do; and values are how you do what you do. Dr. Oedekoven stresses that these three pieces are the glue that holds your organization together. If employees understand what, how, and why they work, they will do their strongest work. Furthermore, if they believe in these three components, they will be able to apply them every day. “Knowing these things helps to keep your organization on track,” he says. “It gives you a yardstick you can always use to measure your present performance and plans against your aspirations.”

Compass-Led Vs. Weather Vane Leaders

Using your mission, vision, and values as a guide for the work you do helps you determine your leadership style. Leaders who are driven by an internal set of values are compass-led leaders. “Compass-led leaders have a clear set of values that keep them on course during the difficult and stormy times,” elucidates Dr. Oedekoven. He explains that this focus and determination to achieve your mission will provide direction that others can clearly follow.

Weather vane leaders, on the other hand, will change direction under pressure from external factors. “Weather vane leaders,” he shares, “do not demonstrate the clear sense of purpose that results from focusing on the compass of vision, values, and mission.”

Dr. Oedekoven is a member of the Board of Advisors for the Forbes School of Business & Technology at Ashford University.



Written by Kelsey Bober, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education

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