What is a Global Management MBA?

global management mba

Today’s business climate is complicated to say the least, with commerce crossing not just state lines, but international borders. Thriving in this setting means understanding business organization and strategy while having a firm grasp of global economies and cultures.

As a result, many aspiring business leaders are pursuing an MBA in Global Management. These programs produce graduates that are well-rounded in traditional leadership and strategy skills, and can provide the opportunity to contribute to a worldwide economy.

Global Management teaches differences

Many businesses learn the hard way that language barriers can impact a company. Just ask the airline that once invited Spanish-speaking patrons to “fly naked.”

That being said, there’s more to today’s global economy than recognizing that marketing campaigns can literally be lost in translation. Smart leaders must also be aware of cultural differences that affect their business.

In Brazil, for example, though meetings often run late it’s considered rude to leave early, Forbes says. When doing business in China, executives will decline your gift three times but you must keep insisting that they accept it.

Companies doing business internationally will also find differences in management structures that can have an impact on finance and operations. A Global Management MBA prepares business people to address those situations and more. Ashford’s program teaches students about socio-political issues they could face, whether they’re running an international company or relying on an overseas supplier.

It’s a big world out there with almost 200 countries, and no program can prepare students to work in every one of them. However, global management graduates can develop the analytical skills and background that will help them get up to speed quickly when doing business anywhere from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Global Management MBA Careers

An MBA with an emphasis in global management can lead to positions at international and multinational companies. Earning a degree is a great way for junior executives to convince senior managers that they’re serious about their work and qualified for a promotion.

More and more government agencies, academic organizations, and non-profits also seek executives attuned to the world of international business.

An MBA with a specialization in global management prepares future executives to lead in a challenging environment where the demands exceed traditional business skills. Today’s leaders must be well-versed in international economies and management systems. Earning a master’s degree is a great way to prove to potential employers that you have those skills.

Written by Ashford University staff.


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