What Marketing Degree Should I Get?

What Marketing Degree Should I Get?

Marketing is a broad field of study that offers incredibly diverse career options. Whether you are a creative visionary or a data-loving researcher, a social butterfly or an attentive introvert, a marketing degree can benefit all types of students. To accommodate the many facets of marketing, Ashford University’s Forbes School of Business & Technology™ offers three distinct bachelor’s degree programs in this field of study: Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, Bachelor of Arts in eMarketing, and Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Marketing

Read on to discover which of these marketing degree programs might be the best fit for you.

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing

Those looking for a broad overview of marketing as it relates to business and potential customers might consider Ashford’s Bachelor of Arts in Marketing program. This degree provides you a baseline understanding of topics including management, communications, and economics, while giving you an opportunity to learn and develop the legal, ethical, technical, and strategic skills necessary to help businesses build and maintain relationships with their clients and customers. There are a wide variety of career options, but some of the most common for marketing majors include:

•    Sales Representative
•    Marketing Coordinator
•    Communications Specialist
•    Account Manager
•    Advertising Manager
•    Marketing Manager
•    Brand Manager
•    Market Research Analyst
•    Market Research Consultant
•    Sales manager

Bachelor of Arts in eMarketing

If you are interested in learning how product development and branding intersect with the digital marketplace, you might want to consider a Bachelor of Arts in eMarketing. This cutting-edge IACBE-accredited marketing degree program will teach you skills such as coordinating research, developing strategy, assessing data, and initiating pricing policy. Successful eMarketing majors go on to find jobs in a number of fields including: 

•    Advertising Sales
•    Marketing Director
•    Public Relations Representative
•    Fundraising Manager
•    eMarketing Consultant
•    Social Media Advisor
•    Small-business Owner
•    eCommerce/eMarketing Business Analyst
•    Communications Director
•    Media Consultant
•    Internet Marketing Managers
•    Content Coordinator
•    Market Research Analyst
•    Promotions Manager
•    Account Manager
•    Copywriter
•    eCommerce Manager
•    Social Media Manager

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations & Marketing

Ashford’s Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations & Marketing program approaches marketing from a communications perspective. In addition to addressing topics like advertising and branding, this IACBE-accredited degree program emphasizes public relations functions such as message development and strategic planning. The only marketing degree program at Ashford to offer specializations, you will have an opportunity to zero in on other areas of specific interest, including information systems, international management, and project management.

If you choose this area of study, you probably are a generally creative problem solver who may pursue employment in areas such as:

•    Advertising Executive
•    Marketing Director
•    Public Relations Representative
•    Corporate Consultant
•    Political Campaign Advisor
•    Small-business Owner
•    Marketing Consultant
•    Marketing Specialist
•    Marketing Manager
•    Non-profit Communications
•    Public Relations Manager
•    Public Relations Specialist
•    Fundraising Manager
•    Market Research Analyst
•    Event Planner
•    Sales Representative

How Are These Marketing Degree Programs Different?

Although there is some overlap within these marketing degree programs, each one is geared toward specific goals and objectives. For example, if you hope to acquire a deeper understanding of marketing in order to determine which career within the field might be the most gratifying for you, a bachelor’s degree in marketing can help you lay that foundation. If you are already somewhat proficient in the area of marketing but would like to focus on the research and data that drives product development, online commerce, consumer relationships, you may consider the eMarketing program. However, if you are more passionate about creating and promoting a brand’s message from a communications standpoint, a public relations and marketing degree is likely the best choice.

How Are These Marketing Degree Programs Alike?

Overall, marketing boils down to relationship building. All three of Ashford University’s marketing degree programs are designed to help you better observe, develop, and improve upon various types of relationships, whether it is a consumer’s relationship to a product, a brand’s relationship to a company, an advertisement’s relationship to profits, or a candidate’s relationship to voters. 

A BA in marketing, eMarketing, or public relations will expand your level of expertise and also expose you to a number of employment opportunities in an in-demand field. Moreover, the online format of each major is a convenient way to incorporate higher learning into your busy life, and various scholarship and grant opportunities exist to make the process affordable. 

Whichever degree you select, you will be on your way to building a relationship with your future success.


Written by Ashford University staff

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