What "Working Mom" Means to Three Entrepreneurs

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Mothers often have to work. Being a mom who works doesn't have to mean long hours away from your children, though. A new type of entrepreneurship, the "mompreneur," is constantly demonstrating that you can work from home or create your own business that allows you to spend lots of time with your kids. Here are some profiles of successful mompreneurs. If they can do it, you can too!

Julie Aigner-Clark

Julie Aigner-Clark is the founder of Baby Einstein, which is a series of videos designed to teach very young children about art and music.

Baby Einstein came out of Aigner-Clark's desire to find educational videos for her toddler daughter. She watched her daughter playing to see what activities she liked, then made her first video in her basement, using a hand puppet and her cat. The video caught on, and by 2001 Aigner-Clark had sold the rights to her videos to Disney for $20 million.

Michal Chesal

Michal Chesal's son, Coby, was born with Down Syndrome. His pediatrician said a regular baby carrier wouldn't support his muscles enough. So Chesal designed her own baby carrier for Coby out of two slings. After borrowing Coby's special carrier, Chesal's friends encouraged her to go into business making the carriers. The product, called Baby K'Tan, is sold in approximately 700 specialty stores as well as in Bed Bath and Beyond, and her product is a favorite among celebrity parents such as Patrick Dempsey and Jenna Fischer. She sells approximately $1 million worth of carriers per year and is especially excited about the fact that Coby will be able to work at her business when he grows up.

Heather Armstrong

Heather Armstrong is one of the best-known and best-paid mommy bloggers. After her first daughter was born, she suffered severe postpartum depression and ended up in the psych ward. She took to her already popular blog to help other moms who were suffering from similar conditions. She has blogged about her issues raising her two daughters, her divorce, her life as a single parent, and everything in between all with great success.

There are lots of ways moms can make money and still have time for their children. Mommy bloggers, business owners, and work-at-home moms all work flexible hours and spend lots of time with their kids.

Written by Ashford University staff

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