What You'll Learn When Pursuing an MBA in Project Management

It’s one thing to be aware of how the different departments of a business come together to create a functioning whole. It’s another to have the ability to manage projects and spearhead initiatives that cross functions to create a positive impact organization wide.

The latter skillset is what you’ll cultivate in an MBA in Project Management program at Ashford University. Upon graduation, you’ll be capable of shepherding projects from concept to completion, staying on track, and on budget.

You’ll also position yourself for a career in a growing occupation. A master’s in project management is a great way to advance in your current company, particularly in today’s business climate that puts collaboration at a premium.

Even if you never intend to work as a full-time project manager, the team-building, risk-management, and planning skills you learn in an MBA program can prepare you for promotion, or simply help you become better at your current job. A master’s in project management also is a boon for aspiring entrepreneurs, who suddenly will have to think in ways they haven’t needed to before.

Speaking the same language

Project management students take the same basic courses as their peers in other specializations.

These core courses in accounting, marketing and finance ensure that you have an overview of the key functions at any business. You’ll become fluent in the language and terminology of other departments, arming you to better address concerns and find solutions to challenges.

You’ll also learn research techniques to ensure that business decisions are well-grounded, relevant management methods relevant in today’s business world, and you’ll become familiar with legal and ethical concerns that can crop up.

Beyond the basics

The courses required for the project management specialization combine the theoretical and practical, the art and the science of everything, from paperwork to team building.

The instructors at Ashford use a hands-on approach that they’ve developed based on their real-world experience. In one course, students schedule, estimate, and track a project, making adjustments along the way. They identify risks and figure out how to mitigate them.

The Ashford Advantage

In many situations, business professionals who pursue their master’s at Ashford can get a head start. Students can transfer up to nine credits, and sometimes there’s a possibility of credit for corporate training.

In some case, those with undergraduates degrees in certain business-related disciplines will have to complete only 36 hours – 42 is the standard requirement – to earn an MBA. Some undergraduate coursework is transferrable, too.

Earning an MBA in Project Management at Ashford University is a great way to get ahead in your job, whether “getting ahead” means earning a promotion, or learning how to become better at what you do.



Written by Ashford University staff


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