10 Tips to Optimize Productivity and Time Management

Time Management

Every startup founder feels the pressure of the thousands of tasks that need attention, all seemingly at the same time. No matter how well organized you think you are, there’s just never enough time.








In the spirit of saving aspiring entrepreneurs a few lifetimes of stress and missed opportunities, here is a list of 10 tips for optimizing productivity and time management:

  1. Learn to say ‘no’ with a smile on your face and no guilt.

  2. Practice being a pragmatist, not a perfectionist.

  3. Delegate business tasks but never customer relationships.

  4. Define business objectives and metrics to measure progress.

  5. Recognize and overcome procrastination.

  6. Focus on urgencies rather than emergencies.

  7. Learn to use modern tools, like social media and mobile devices, for business vs. personal.

  8. Be proactive, not just reactive, to stay in control.

  9. Pacing yourself will take you further and faster than non-stop working.

  10. Surround yourself with help rather than helpers.

Remember, you can always learn from your own mistakes, after you admit that you’ve made them. So remain humble in your work and your interactions with others.

Written by Martin Zwilling

Martin is the founder and CEO of Startup Professionals, Inc., and a Forbes contributor.

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