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Whether it’s moving into a new field, upward mobility in their current industry, or entering the working world for the first time, many students begin their college pursuits with the specific goal of improving career prospects. If you have similar goals, you’re in luck -- Ashford University provides tools tailored to your career aspirations. From learning more about career options to creating work samples and polishing your resume, there are resources for every phase of career development.

Nicole Poff, a Career Services Specialist at Ashford University, shares her insight on preparing for your career after your degree. “The biggest piece of advice I can give is to get into Career Services early,” says Nicole. “In your first year is ideal.” She explains that many students reach out to Career Services near the end of their degree, even though it’s available to students from day one at Ashford. “We have so many powerful tools that can set you up for success,” notes Nicole, “and it’s important to start using them now.”

There are several tools you can use to record your projects and professional development, and Nicole adds that a best practice is to start preparing for your dream job now. “If you know what’s required of a job from the start, you should begin building those experiences and skills now,” she explains. Some of the resources made available to you include My Career, Portfolium, and Ashford Alumni Connect.

My Career

An interactive platform within the Student Portal, My Career provides career-based activities and insights. It is available 24/7 so you can browse through a large video library, upload resumes and cover letters for review, and discover job postings exclusive to Ashford students.


Portfolium is an electronic portfolio that allows you to showcase your work to future employers. As you complete projects for your classes, you can upload them to the platform to show examples of the real-life applications you’ve completed in school.

Ashford Alumni Connect

Ashford Alumni Connect is an exclusive tool for Ashford alumni. Through this website and app, you are able to create a profile, connect with fellow graduates, act as a mentor to new alumni, discover jobs posted by peers, and network to learn more about companies where you have connections. This site can be accessed at or in the app store under “AU Connect.”



Written by Kelsey Bober, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education

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