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Ready to move on but not sure to what?

In today’s job market, where changing companies or careers is commonplace, many people will consider that question throughout their working years. Here are a few free career aptitude tests that will help you start your explorations.

O Magazine’s Career Aptitude Test

The publication asked the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, which has worked with aptitude testing since 1922, to develop simple tests that people could take at home. There are five variations that measure skills ranging from foresight to numeric reasoning to spatial visualization. Career suggestions that match the various skills are listed.

Dewey Color System

This test, which developers say is based on research and statistics, doesn’t ask a single question about skills or experiences. Instead, it queries test-takers on color preferences. It claims a 93 percent approval rating from online users at MSN and AOL.

Jung Typology Test

Based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myer’s system for evaluating personality types, this quiz suggests careers based on the personality results. You likely will be torn at times about how to answer the test’s questions. The site advises that you answer based on which you most agree with.

The Keirsey Temperament Scale

This scale also finds its base in the Briggs Myer personality type system. The chief difference is that the Keirsey evaluation suggests where test takers might find personal satisfaction. Are they innately guardians, artisans, rationalists or idealists? Different professions work best for different groups.


There are three tests for adults that look at possible careers, management potential, and sales potential. The career test is personality driven, focusing on how you would react in different social situations, from large parties to initiating conversations. There are 485 questions, many of which will have you asking, “Didn’t I just answer that?” The seeming redundancies are by design so that a more accurate data set is tapped for the results versus a shorter quiz.

iSeek Skills Assessment

As indicated by the name, this test focuses not on what you might enjoy doing but what you’re already good at. It asks about skills in a number of areas, from management to people to technical, and generates a list of matching jobs. When taking any of these tests, keep in mind that “aptitude” means “natural abilities.” Just because you have natural abilities in some areas doesn’t mean that you’ll be happy in a career in that field. So take any test with a grain of salt. The FunEducation results might say you’re not management material, but that doesn’t mean you should rule yourself out. You might, for example, have planning skills in spades but need to learn to assert yourself more. Or you might have the assertiveness to stand front and center but need to develop project management or business organization skills in order to advance. In that case, a business degree or minor in a specific area might let you short cut years of on-the-job training.

Written by Ashford University staff.

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